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Anna is a graduate of Oxford School of Drama. She is a classically trained singer as a mezzo/soprano; and she has a great many athletic skills: fencing, horseback riding, skiing, body surfing, and roller blading. She also has a full driving license. Anna's career in feature films, television, and theater has taken her across the globe, from Great Britain to the United States to Lithuania and to Canada. For BBC, she's done such work as a series regular on Photocall, two Genie from Down Under films (in conjunction with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and various guest star roles, including ones for Crocodile Shoes, Scavengers (Carlton TV/20th Century Fox) and Game On! (Granada Television). Her stage experience includes portraying Prospero in The Tempest, Nora in A Doll's House, Polly in The Beggars Opera, and Estelle in No Way Out.

After one season of playing Marian Fitzwalter on The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1996), Anna starred in two series (i.e., seasons) of the Australian/British children's television series, The Genie From Down Under, Series One of the comedy-drama was acclaimed in Australia and across the world. It was nominated for several awards, including the 1996 AFI Awards, Australian Teachers of Media Awards, Cairo International Film Festival for Children and the BANFF Television Festival in Canada.

In early 1998, she became a series regular on The Sentinel (UPN) during the tail end of the third season. The show (canceled in May 1998, then renewed for a midseason replacement for January 1999) lasted until May 1999; altogether Anna was in seven episodes as Inspector Megan Conner, an exchange officer from Australia. It was during that running of that show that she met Bruce A. Young and Garett Maggart, two co-stars which she worked with for a time on Moosebay Productions for While Mortals Sleep, a modern fantasy adventure internet serial, where she was cast as Hazel, an elfin housekeeper. Since then, she has been keeping busy with guest roles on various TV shows, such as Snoops, Hollywood Off-Ramp, Once and Again, and Family Law.

In late 2003, she appeared in the stage play, Lorilei: A Meditation on Loss for which she (and the play) received glowing reviews. In article published just before the play opened, it was said that Anna 'intends to return to the scripts she is working on - one a romantic comedy she hopes will be a money spinner, and the other an historical drama she has been researching for 5 years.' Anna returned from Canada to the UK to perform the play again in early 2005.


TV Series Cast Roles
The Sentinel as Inspector Megan Conner (1998-1999)
The Genie From Down Under 2 as Lady Diana Townes (1998)
The Genie From Down Under 1 as Lady Diana Townes (1996)
The New Adventures of Robin Hood as Marion Fitzwalter (1997)
Working Guy (UPN) as an unnamed series regular on the pilot episode (1996?); series not picked up

TV Series Guest / Recurring Roles
Stargate: Universe as Mrs. Armstrong
     "Air (3)" (episode #1.3) on 10/9/09
     "Earth" (episode #1.7) on 11/6/09
Stargate: Atlantis as Dr. Vanessa Conrad in "Remnants" (episode #5.15) on 11/14/08
Supernatural as Mrs. Fremont in "No Rest for the Wicked" (episode #3.16) on 5/15/08
Smallville as Gina (a doctor)
     "Bizarro" (episode #7.1) on 9/27/07
     "Action" (episode #7.5) on 10/25/07
     "Hero" (episode #7.13) on 3/13/08
     "Traveler" (episode #7.14) on 3/20/08
     "Veritas" (episode #7.15) on 3/27/08
     "Descent" (episode #7.16) on 4/17/08
Kyle XY as Constance Berlinger (social worker) in "Grounded" (episode #2.17) on 2/4/08
Eureka as Dr. Jane Harrington in "Duck, Duck Goose" (episode #2.5) on 8/7/2007
Blood Ties as Cheryl in "Love Hurts" (episode #1.6) on 4/8/07
Masters of Horror as Dr. Loring in "Right to Die" (episode #2.9) on 1/4/2007
Worst Week of My Life as Vanessa Bradford (pilot episode) 2006
Stargate: SG1 as Dr. Reya Varrick in "Collateral Damage" (episode #9.12) 1/13/2006
Da Vinci's City Hall as Libby Burton
     "You Have to Bleed a Little" (episode #1.6) 11/29/2005
     "Gonna Cause a Ruckus" (episode #1.8) 1/10/2006
Blue Heelers as Natalie Price in "Parenthood" (episode #9.33) 9/25/2002
The Beast as woman in "Travinia ... Life Is But a Dream" (episode #1.5) 7/18/2001
Family Law as Brenda Gellars in "Film at Eleven" (episode #2.12) 1/15/2001
Once and Again as female associate in "Ozymandias 2.0" (episode #2.5) 11/28/2000
Hollywood Off-Ramp as Lucy in "Looking for Mr. Campbell" (episode #1.1) 6/4/2000
Snoops as Susan Cooper in "The Heartless Bitch" (episode #1.5) 10/24/1999
Clueless as Michelle in "Parent Trap" (episode #3.17) 4/20/1999
Viper as Mira McKenna in "Wanted: Fred or Alive" (episode #3.5) 10/24/1998
Profiler as Nikki Ware in "Lethal Obsession" (episode #2.16) 4/4/1998
Timecop as Anne Thompson in "A Rip in Time" (episode #1.0) 9/22/1997
Game On! as Julia in "Matthew - A Suitable Case for Treatment" (series 1 episode; Granada Television, BBC) 1995

TV Movies/Miniseries
Caprica as Shannon Adama (pilot episode) (2009)
The Andromeda Strain as Lisa Stone (5/26-27/08)
Tinman as Lavender Eyes (12/2-4/2007)
Second Sight (2007)
My Baby Is Missing as Dana Hoch (2006)
Veiled Truth (aka What Comes Around) (2006)

Theatrical Movies
The Company Men as Maggie (2009)
Message Deleted as Lisa Kwan (2009)
Vice as Gwen (2007)

Other BBC Television Roles
Scavengers as an android (a game show; ITV, UK 1994-1995)
Crocodile Shoes as Annabelle Barratt (BBC productions)
Driven (Yorkshire/Granada/Tyntees feature film)
Touch of Love as Jesse (BBC productions)

Stage (Australia)
Lorilei: A Meditation on Loss (Nov 2003)

Stage (UK)
Lorilei: A Meditation on Loss (Feb-Mar 2005)
Peter Pan
No Way Out as Estelle
The Tempest as Prospero
Cigarettes and Chocolate
A Doll's House as Nora
The Beggars Opera as Polly

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