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Q: Are you in contact with Anna Galvin?

A: Nope. This is just an unofficial fan site.

Q: Does Anna have a fan club?

A: Not that I'm aware of.

Q: How do I write her fan mail?

A: At the moment, since she's not on a show, write to her at her agent's address. I sent her a letter at this address in April/May 2001 and received a response.

Q: What about pictures?

A: Check merchandise page.

Q: How old is Anna? When is her birthday?

A: Don't know and don't know. ~grin~ I'm guessing she's in her mid to late thirties...but that's just a guess. And if I find out her birthday, I would post it here...only the month and day, of course.

Q: What about the relationship between her and Garett Maggart (from The Sentinel)?

A: This has been a question I've been hesitant to include since I'm not one who likes to gossip about celebrities. They should be allowed to have their own private lives and not have every detail open to public scrutiny. ~sigh~ In any case, from what I understand (from third and fourth hand sources so none of this is for certain), Anna and Garett *did* have a romantic relationship after she joined the show and for some time afterwards; they also were rumored to be getting married. However, from what I've been told, that is no longer the case and that they are friends now, but that's it. I don't know the whys or hows or whens and frankly it's none of my (or anybody else's) business. Sad to say, I'm sure there are fans who are happier now that they're *not* getting married... I wish Anna and Garett happiness in whatever they choose to do or not to do.

Q: Can I link to your page?

A: Certainly. You can use the plain text link <> with the title "Anna Galvin: An Unofficial Site." Or you can use a linking graphic.

Q: Where can I see Anna Galvin now on TV?

A#1: Check your local cable listings or the site for the schedule for when The Sentinel airs in your area. Anna is in the last four episodes of third season (Foreign Exchange, Neighborhood Watch, Night Shift, and Sentinel Too, Part 1) and three episodes during fourth season (Sentinel Too, Part 2, The Real Deal, and The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg).

A#2: Anna was recently involved in a project headed by her former The Sentinel co-star, Bruce A. Young, called MooseBay Productions. However, this project seems to be no longer operating.

A#3: You could try searching through the TV Guide Search function.

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