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Australian Television Archive ~ Australian Children's Television Foundation

Bates Site (includes jpg wallpaper of various actresses) (defunct link)
    Anna's wallpaper (from Timecop) (linked locally)

IMDB filmography listing's Anna Galvin Site

Janice's Anna Galvin Page

Nightowl's Tribute to Anna Galvin

While Mortals Sleep (MooseBay Productions)

MooseBay Productions (no longer in production) ~ Products

information and discussion list about the project

MooseBay Info
just information

The Sentinel
The Sentinel Page ~ IMDB Page

SciFi Channel's Sentinel Page {banner by Robyn}

Support Our Sentinel  {banner by Robyn}

The Official Richard Burgi Fan Club Bruce A. Young fan site

Megan's Room -- Fanfic for the Megan fan Becky's Sentinel Site

The Genie from Down Under
The Genie Down Under

IMDB Pages: Series 1 & Series 2

The Genie from Down Under (Australian page)

The New Adventures of Robin Hood
The New Adventures of Robin Hood Page ~ IMDB Page

TNT's Official Page

First season episode guide

Grumoria's Maid Marian Worship Page

Women of Fantasy's Anna Galvin Page

Lady Outlaw's The New Adventures of Robin Hood Website

Game On!

Game On! Fan page


The UK Game Show Page

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