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What's New -- 2000 Log

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11/18/00 -- I've added a merchandise page for Anna Galvin pictures available for purchase from Ohlinger's.

11/3/00 -- Images for Anna's guest shot on Clueless are now available.

10/20/00 -- A new image that I got from eBay in Anna's General Gallery.

10/8/00 -- CourtTV has just added Profiler to its schedule. {Thanks to Julie for letting me know.} Anna's episode (title - "Lethal Obsession") is in second season so keep an eye on your local listings if you want to catch it. I'll try to catch when it comes on, but since I don't get CourtTV on my own cable system, I may miss it.

9/24/00 -- A new image in the The New Adventures of Robin Hood Gallery.

9/10/00 -- Robyn gave in to my whining ~grin~ about creating a "magazine cover" for Megan Conner (Anna's role on The Sentinel) as she had done covers for the guys. I've added the cover (with Robyn's permission) to Anna's The Sentinel Gallery.

9/9/00 -- Added Appearances Page with Anna's two conventions and an Articles Page.

9/5/00 -- I noticed that that the Bates Site with the Anna wallpaper seems to have vanished. Fortunately I saved the wallpaper when I found it, so it's up on the Timecop Gallery Page (leastwise, I think that's where the pics are from but since I've never seen the episode...).

9/4/00 -- Not an update...Does anyone have copies of Anna's year on The New Adventures of Robin Hood that they would like to share? Or her guest shot episode on Profiler? Or dare I ask...Timecop or The Genie from Down Under? Drop me a line if you do...

8/31/00 -- Linking graphics created by Robyn added to FAQ.

6/19/00 -- Images for Anna's guest shots on Viper and Snoops are now available. A big thanks to Erinburg for the episode copies.

6/5/00 -- Images for Anna's guest shot on Hollywood Off-Ramp are now available.

6/3/00 -- New image in the General Gallery.

3/29/00 -- Lots more images for The New Adventures of Robin Hood, in this case, screen grabs and a couple more promo shots.

3/27/00 -- Two more images for The New Adventures of Robin Hood and more bio info.

3/25/00 -- More images for The New Adventures of Robin Hood, plus one for Anna's guest shot on Timecop. Images from Anna's guest shot on Profiler are now available. Thanks to Julie Jekel for pointing them out to me.

3/24/00 -- Site opening!

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