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What's New -- 2001 Log

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11/15/01 -- Some new pics in The New Adventures of Robin Hood Gallery, including two new promo shots.

8/30/01 -- Added summaries to most gallery pages for guest shots.

7/30/01 -- A small update to Anna's bio as she guest-starred on the July 18 episode of The Beast (which I just found out so I don't have it recorded for pics.)

6/21/01 -- A little bit of a belated "thank you!" to Anna if she happens to visit again. And you're welcome for the site.

5/13/01 -- Anna did appear briefly in a few scenes (only one speaking scene, however; the others were background shots) in the Once and Again episode, Ozymandias 2.0. A few screen caps are available at the Once and Again gallery page.

4/5/01 -- A couple new pics in The Genie From Down Under Gallery and re-organization and some new pics in The New Adventures of Robin Hood Gallery.

3/31/01 -- A new black and white shot in Anna's General Gallery.

3/20/01 -- New screen captures from Anna's 1997 guest shot on Timecop. Thanks to Paul for the copy of the episode.

3/4/01 -- Two promo shots (that I didn't have) from The Sentinel that I picked up last weekend at Hollywood Book and Poster.

1/18/01 -- I got a five-minute warning that Anna was guest-starring on Family Law (ep title: "Film at Eleven") this last Monday evening, and since I live on the west coast...well, it meant it had showed already in most of the country. In any case, there are some images for Anna's guest shot on Family Law available.

1/1/01 -- Two new images that I got from eBay in Anna's General Gallery.

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