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What's New -- 2002 Log

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12/31/06 -- Updates to Anna's bio as shown on her IMDB listing.

1/17/06 -- Updates to Anna's bio including the Stargate: SG1 episode and two guest shots on another Canadian series, Da Vinci's City Hall which is shown on her IMDB listing. No screen caps, however, since I can't find a fan site and the series doesn't air where I live...that I know of... Guess Anna must be back in Canada for awhile.

1/16/06 -- Screen caps and two Gateworld promotional shots are available for Anna's guest shot on January 13's episode of Stargate: SG1.

10/13/05 -- I was checking Anna's IMDB listing today and came across a guest shot for the Australian series, Blue Heelers. It's been added to her bio page and I snagged some screen caps from the site as well for a gallery page.

9/9/05 -- Finally got a scanned image of a promo pic I got some months ago. Last on the first row on the general gallery page.

3/24/05 -- Reviews of the Lorilei play: The Stage Online (UK) ~ Camden New Journal (UK) ~ Guardian Unlimited (UK)
And a pre-opening article from October 2003 which some interesting Anna remarks near the end (highlighted in bold) about what she'd like to do next...

2/4/05 -- News! Anna will be performing the Lorilei play (announcement poster) in London, February 15-March 5, 2005 at the The Old Red Lion, Islington. Thanks to Antonin for the email.

12/1/03 -- News! Anna was recently in a stage play in Australia. Go here to read excerpts of reviews. It's also rumored that Anna is now married, though I don't have absolute confirmation of that. Thanks to Antonin for the update.

7/12/02 -- A new black and white shot in Anna's General Gallery (at the bottom). This is the newest image of Anna to show up on ebay. Unfortunately, someone sniped me in the last few seconds of the auction and I was unable to get the photo itself, so the smaller image from the auction will have to do at the moment.

6/16/02 -- A new black and white shot in Anna's General Gallery.

4/3/02 -- Some new pics in The New Adventures of Robin Hood Gallery. And I put up an episode guide for The Genie Down Under (link found on main gallery and GDU gallery pages).

3/10/02 -- New URL:

2/3/02 -- New graphics courtesy of the most-graphically-talented one, Robyn. Plus two new linking button graphics. Thanks!

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