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Merchandise -- Ohlingers

I have no affiliation with Ohlinger's. In other words, don't ask to order from me! See store info below.. This is a simply an expanded list to help the AG picture seeker add to their photo collection. It includes the text from the photo lists, with comments by me as I identify the picture for the AG fans and, if findable, a link to the picture I *think* it is. Email me if anything needs to be corrected.

Store info:
Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store, Inc.
242 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-0869


Page maintainer's notes: I am only listing the ones that have or possibly have Anna in them. There are others available for the shows listed.

The New Adventures of Robin Hood (color)

TV-50769 FFFP -- Anna Galvin crouching with sword as Robin stands behind with drawn bow by stone wall -- picture

TV-50770 FPMS -- Anna Galvin as Maid Marian holding sword upright guard spires in bg -- picture

TV-50771 FPMS -- Robin and Marian in woods back to back with sword and whip turning heads looking off by shafts of light -- picture

TV-50774 FPMS -- Robin Hood leaning against tree arms folded with Marian both looking at you surrounded by trees -- picture

TV-50775 FPMS -- Maid Marian in red revealing costume by stone wall with whip turning head looking at you -- picture

TV-50776 CU -- at night Maid Marian twirling whip looking off angrily turned slightly with burning house in bg

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