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Timecop Review

ABC, Mondays, 8pm ET

I thought the original film, from which this is culled, was not in the least bit bad... for a Jean-Claude van Damme feature. It concerns a future police force dedicated to fixing the historic depradations of future time criminals. As such it essentially recovers territory already overlaid by Quantum Leap, Sliders and a host of programmes.

But for what it showed in only its first episode this new tv version of the film is certainly no better than any of those others. What it does have going for it is its timeslot. It is ABC's lead-in to Monday Night Football, claiming the same testosterone-fuelled crowd that will be shunning the NBC Ladies' Night sitcoms and the usual CBS drivel.

I did actualy enjoy "A Rip In Time", a story about a future criminal's usurpation of Jack the Ripper's criminal MO. This could have turned me off immediately, since there were any number of atrociously poor English accents floating about.

There's flirtatious repartee, of course, between the hero and the techno-babe back at base. There's a gruff boss and a geeky researcher (can anyone say Willow and Giles?) But despite this stale recycling there were some impressive effects for a big three network sci-fi show. I expect to keep watching this show for a while. It's an easy thing to have my VCR tape this every Monday during my ritual taping of Buffy. And the fact that fX repeats The X-Files at 11pm every night means it has no real competition.

One pleasant surprise was the appearance of actress Anna Galvin as a Whitechapel prostitute saved by the hero and who was thereafter introduced to a young H.G. Wells. Galvin was Maid Marion (sic) in the first season of TNT's worst-show-of-all-time candidate The New Adventures of Robin Hood. On that show she, like the rest of 13th Century England, spoke with an American accent. In this episode she did a rather impressive job of an Eastender accent. Of course, her other, less modest talents were also on display. The proprietary engineering genius behind her Maid Marion (sic) Wonderbra apparently transferred to Timecop, and the beautiful Galvin was fully on display.

Recommendation: if you've already had a couple of beers to prepare for MNF, this show might actually be worth your while.

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