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Episode Guide - The Genie Down Under

Taken from TV Tome's site.

Series 1

Wishing and Hoping -- aired June 19, 1996

Summary: Penelope Townes is a 13 year old aristocratic snob. Living with her mother, Lady Diana, and faithful servant Miss Mossop. Her supposed friends Marcia and Sophie share Pen's aristocratic tastes and Lady Diana is about to marry Lord Uppington-Smythe, perfect marriage material and affectionately known as Bubbles. Their mansion in England and their lifestyle would have one think Penelope is perfect. She doesn't think so. For one thing, she hates Bubbles! So when Penelope finds a black opal, she unleashes the genies Bruce and his son Baz from Australia. Asking to be rich, the mischevious genies give Penelope an 800 km2 block of land in Australia known as Townes Downs. Automatically, Penelope and the family are there (minus Bubbles).

However Bruce has an ulterior motive - a cave near the property is the only way of escape. If he gets to the cave with the opal in his hand, he is free.

But there is still one more problem - the Von Meister family. Filthy Otto and his son Conrad run a tour group around Australia which is completely a rip-off. But it seems Pen's great x 3 grandfather got the opal from the Von Meisters, leaving the Townes well off and the Meisters down-on-their-luck. So when the scheming pair discover the opal is nearby, they are dying to get their hands on it. The stage is set for some riotous fun!

It's My Opal...(and I'll cry if I want to) -- aired June 26, 1996

Summary: Conrad and Otto are desparate to get the opal back, and to prove that Bruce is a genie. Bruce on the other hand has fallen for Diana, and Penelope is not interested.

Between the two, there is a problem - Penelope has control of the genies, but not once will her wish not have a twist.

Where it's at -- aired July 3, 1996

Summary: Bruce is determined he will be a free man and so he sets out to lure Penelope to the cave. The only thing is, she's not quite as willing to go as he would wish.

Good Cop, Bad Genie -- aired July 10, 1996

Summary: Penelope has her limits on using the genies. For example, she won't use them to win the cross country, but she wins anyway. Now all she has to do is get Conrad to see her success, but if she thought about it, she might realise using the genies is always a bad idea!

Customs -- aired July 17, 1996

Summary: Penelope has finally decided to make the ultimate wish - to be rich. With 20 million pounds on her return to England, the family is arrested at customs. The faithful Bubbles is willing to help out, but this gets him back into Diana's (and therefore Penelope's life).

Larceny -- aired July 24, 1996

Summary: In England, Bruce helps the Von Meisters get the opal in the hope of returning to Australia. Unfortunately, that's what they don't do and the genies end up in an awful mess.

The Eternal Quadrangle -- aired July 31, 1996

Summary: After Diana (in control of the opal) wishes for a holiday in Australia, the group are back at the Downs. Penelope regains control and, to punish the madly in love Bruce, orders Diana to fall in love with Otto.

Nobody's Perfect -- aired August 7, 1996

Summary: Penelope is tired of all the mishaps caused by her wishes, so she makes the perfect wish. Now she is perfect and her mother is rich, while Marcia is hideous. Unfortunately, her wish causes repercussions which she realises she must undo.

The Triple Agent -- aired August 14, 1996

Summary: Conrad realises something is strange about Bruce and is determined to figure it out, with Baz's supposed help. But everyone else begins thinking Conrad is the odd one out.

A Tale of Two Cities -- aired August 21, 1996

Summary: Now that Conrad knows Bruce's secret, he decides to work on Baz to pump the information from him and the first thing he does is steal the opal.

School Daze -- aired August 28, 1996

Summary: Returning to England for Marcia's party, Penelope discovers she has to take a catch up exam. Ready to win (with the opal), she attends the party, unaware of what surprises lie in store.

Triple Treat -- aired September 4, 1996

Summary: Otto and Conrad send two fake opals into circulation causing trouble for all involved.

It's Still Magic -- aired September 11, 1996

Summary: Bruce decides it's time for he and Baz to be free. First, Penelope tries to convince him not to and then Diana's love comes into play and the suspense is fatal...

Series 2

I Do. You Do! Who Do? -- aired July 23, 1998

Summary: Bruce has to tell Diana he is a genie, it will clear his mind so he can propose. However, Diana has the opal. So when Bruce asks the question, she wishes the moment will last forever, well from there...

The Photo Opportunity -- aired July 30, 1998

Summary: While Diana has forgotten about Bruce's proposal, love is blossoming. Determined to see if the love is real, Penelope makes Bruce human for a day with surprising consequences. Now, however, Baz is her slave...

The Cold Shoulder -- aired August 6, 1998

Summary: Conrad has trained a parrot to get the opal and he becomes controller. But Penelope is desperate to get her opal back and forms a pact with Bruce.

Chase the Sun -- aired August 13, 1998

Summary: After a bad wish of Penelope's, the master of the past is called to right things. But the past and future may have been changed in the attempt.

Peace in Our Time -- aired August 20, 1998

Summary: When Penelope wishes for everyone to tell the truth, surprising secrets come out. But when Bubbles gets the opal, his wish makes everyone lose their clothes and only Penelope can put things back the way they came.

Lord of the Nail Files -- aired September 3, 1998

Summary: A school trip to Australia is something none of the English girls want but Penelope wishes to look her best at all times. Now, the perfect Penelope is the loved one of teacher Miss Chatterley. Only, Otto has been frightened off by the teacher and now there is no food. To make things worse, Marcia has the opal and her father Nigel is madly in love with Diana. A fight for survival begins in the Australian outback.

Baby Talk -- aired September 10, 1998

Summary: Diana and Nigel are planning to elope and Penelope has become a baby again so noone can understand her wishes. Miss Mossop and Bruce decide to ruin the wedding plans.

My Better Half -- aired September 17, 1998

Summary: Diana and Nigel are still going to get married, which when put as "Your mother won't be marrying Bruce" doesn't sound too bad. But when Bruce discovers Nigel is a fraud he must convince Penelope to call off the wedding. Only trouble is, Penelope's created a double of herself and everyone is confused.

Stocks and Bondings -- aired September 24, 1998

Summary: Penelope would really love a boyfriend and the gorgeous Montgomery St. Ives is her type. So, without Bruce's help Penelope gets the guy and shows off to Sophie and Marcia. Unfortunately he turns out to be not her type at all. Meanwhile, Mossop has turned bikie to find herself and help the poor tourists of Otto's tour service.

The Opal is Boomerang -- aired October 1, 1998

Summary: When the indigenous Yapindchit people claim the opal is theres a vicious battle ensues between Penelope, the aboriginals, Otto and Darlene. The case ends up going to court under Judge Smythe.

The Heart of Country & Western -- aired October 8, 1998

Summary: When Diana enters the family into a C&W concert, Penelope is overcome with stage fright. Meanwhile she needs the opal and Mossop has it.

Otto Rules OK -- aired October 15, 1998

Summary: Otto has become King of England. No, it's not a joke - he has the opal. Diana, Darlene and Mossop have been imprisoned and Bubbles has formed a Robin Hood style rebellion while Penelope becomes a secret agent.

The Last Wish -- aired October 22, 1998

Summary: Penelope realises that she cannot stop Bruce and Diana's love so the three of them must figure out what they are going to do.

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