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The New Adventures of Robin Hood

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Marion Fitzwalter

Dragon from the Sky
  Marion (Anna) in a *really* bad wig ~grin~        

Episode summary: It all starts when a huge, sparkling fireball blazes across the sky and lands with a huge flash in Sherwood Forest. Lady Claudia, under the impression that "he who follows the flames will receive untold riches," calls for Prince John's aide, Barkley, to go find out what has just happened. Meanwhile, Marion, another witness to the strange sight, decides to go exploring on her own and reaches the site first. What she finds is a strange creature decorated with diamonds. After an awkward introduction, Marion befriends the beast from beyond and agrees to help it gather what it needs in order to return home. Meanwhile, Robin is frantically looking for Marion, a dragonslayer is searching for the alien visitor and poor Barkley is trying to satisfy Lady Claudia's lust for diamonds.

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