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The New Adventures of Robin Hood

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Marion Fitzwalter

The Legend of Olwyn (click on thumbnails for larger versions)

Episode summary: When investigating the rumor of a giant threatening people in the forest, Robin meets Patrick, a sixteen-year-old boy and the the leader of a group of orphans on the run from Prince John's soldiers. Robin brings the rebellious boy back to his camp but Patrick turns out to be a real handful. For starters, he hits Robin in the head with a rock, knocking him unconscious. While in this dream state, Robin recalls when he was Patrick's age -- running for his life in the forest from the men who killed his father and burned their castle. He also remembers his first encounter with the ancient magician Olwyn, who offers Robin refuge and tells him he is "the chosen one." Meanwhile, Patrick escapes from Robin's camp and re-assembles his orphan gang in the woods. But for what purpose?

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