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Becky's Author Chat Transcript -- June 13, 1999
(edited for clarity and content)
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DawnC: So, Becky, why don't you tell us what your two latest stories were just to refresh memories (not that everyone didn't rush to read it as soon as it was posted) LOL

Becky: The two latest?

DawnC: Sure - the drabbles, right?

Becky: Daybreak (a companion to Nightfall) and the Pen Hunt drabble

TAE: Make that two of the latest.

Becky: Wrote both yesterday when I was working on another longer piece that is just not wanting to come out right just yet

DawnC: So is that your cure for "writer's block"? :-)

Becky: Usually.

Wnnepooh: I'd like to know that!

TAE: You and Robyn work together a lot, do you end up playing muse for each other?

Becky: Oh, yes, we do play muse for each other. Quite a lot. Sometimes I hash things out with Robyn, but since she's not here...

Wnnepooh: Where is she?

Becky: She's at home on vacation till next Sunday.

TAE: Is she doing her internship there?

Becky: No, just visiting her parents. She's staying here to do her residency -- 3 years.

TAE: Cool.

Wolfshy: When did you first start writing TS? Which was your first piece?

Becky: I wrote my first story in April 97. Disneyland Detour.

Wnnepooh: OOOH! I loved DLD!

TAE: So did I. It was a lot of fun.

Becky: For awhile I was known as "Oh, you're the one who wrote the Disneyland story".

Wnnepooh: What was the inspiration for that?

Becky: We'd just been to Disneyland and Robyn thought I should send Jim and Blair there. She wasn't really into TS yet, but thought I was enjoying others' fanfic way too much not to write some of my own.

TAE: Gee, must be contagious.

Becky: I think so.

TAE: Hey, you have to start somewhere.

Becky: I never thought that the one story would lead me to where I am now...

DawnC: LOL. Welcome to the club (though I'm just a newbie in comparison!)

TAE: Which of your stories do you like the best?

Becky: Oh, my, um...I really like my T&D stories, and I'm fond of "Hope and Fear"

Wnnepooh: How many stories do you have total?

Becky: Last time I counted, somewhere around 70, I think.

TAE: LLAL, I bet you can't name them all without a cheat sheet.

Becky: No, probably not.

DawnC: Has your "heckler" showed up yet, Becky. *smirk*

Becky: She just did.

BeckysBingbingBeta (aka Robyn): Somebody calling me a heckler???? <G>

Wnnepooh: LOL

DawnC: So I figured.

Becky: That's Robyn!

BeckysBingbingBeta: >-P Can I ask what we've been talking about?

DawnC: You - behind your back. *grin*

BeckysBingbingBeta: I had a rough time getting a connection... Sorry I'm late :-)

Wolfshy: No problem.

TAE: Just glad you made it.

BeckysBingbingBeta: Thank you!

DawnC: Yep! Glad you have you here :-)

BeckysBingbingBeta: So Becky, I hear you have a strange beta-reader? Is this true?

Becky: We touched on my first story, how many stories I have, and what are my favorites, roomy-dear

BeckysBingbingBeta: Okay.

Becky: Strange

BeckysBingbingBeta: Becky, who's your favorite female prophecy character?

Becky: My favorite... Probably Kell.

BeckysBingbingBeta: Why is Kell your favorite character?

Becky: Because she's...well, she's the main character...and a female who takes charge and can still be feminine when she wants to.

Wnnepooh: Cool!

TAE: Yeah, there's a dearth of good female characters

BeckysBingbingBeta: Becky, if you could date either Jim or Blair, which one would you pick?

DawnC: LOL

Becky: Robyn, I am going to get you later, you know....

TAE: That's OK Becky, her turn in the hot seat will come.

Becky: Yeah, her turn will come, but I won't be able to be on the line at the same time. Rats.

Wnnepooh: HEY! I was just gonna ask that! Who's priming the Beta?

Bonnie0455: lol

Becky: If I had to pick...Jim

Bonnie0455: Why?

Wnnepooh: Why NOT?

BeckysBingbingBeta: LOL!

Becky: I don't know -- I'm just a JimBabe I guess

TAE: Hey, works for me.

Bonnie0455: I would never have guessed, Becky! I thought you were a Blair Babe

Wnnepooh: What's your favorite Jim face?

Becky: Now there's an interesting question...

Graywulf: Yeppers.

Becky: Probably one of two -- in Most Wanted, when he was waking up Blair after he was gassed -- he looked so panicked...

Wnnepooh: Calm and serene like when he wakes up? Ticked, when his jaw is clenched? Tender like when Blair is hurt>?

Becky: ...and in TSbyBS in the hospital scene after the media conference...he just...looked...argh..I can't describe it.

TAE: The expression in the hospital was almost worshipful.

Wolfshy: Which one can you write better Jim or Blair?

Becky: Which one can I write better? It depends. But probably Jim

Wnnepooh: Do you feel you identify with Jim?

Becky: Sometimes yes. My personality is closer to Jim's. We're both a little cynical about life.

Wnnepooh: I just wondered where you got your observations for characters.

Becky: I do pull some of my observations from Robyn and my friendship -- we've known each for 10 years now. And lived together for 8 of those years.

Wnnepooh: Beck, if you could have ONE of your stories made into an actual ep, what would it be?

Becky: Um....

Wnnepooh: I'm inquisitive, so sue me.

Becky: I'd like to pick one of my missing scenes, but... I'd like to see "Hope and Fear" put in an episode. I consider it some of my best writing.

Wnnepooh: Why that one?

Beckysbingbingbeta: I love that one.

Wolfshy: Which one was the hardest to write?

Wnnepooh: OOH! Wolfshy, good question!

Becky: this point, actually "Ripples" was the hardest -- took me a fair amount of time to get said what I wanted said. Most of my stories just sorta come out really easily once I get started or get a really good idea.

Shelley Knepley: Are you planning to continue In Time and Destiny?

Becky: And the T&D series -- Yes, I'd like to continue it. I have a few other ideas that I think would work in that universe, but I just haven't sat down to do anything with them yet.

Wnnepooh: Do you just write when the feeling comes over you? Or do you brainstorm every once in a while specifically for fic?

Becky: Actually, I do both. I write when the feeling comes over me and I brainstorm occasionally when I need to. Usually I brainstorm on paper, though.

Shelley Knepley: What inspired the Traffic Jam series. That was just so fun to read!

Becky: Robyn and I were stuck in a traffic jam and thought the first story up. No tomato-laden trucks, however. That was Robyn's little gem.

Wnnepooh: Art imitates life

Shelley Knepley: So, which one of you was making faces at the kid in car ahead of you?

Becky: Actually, neither of us. I think the making faces thing was just something Robyn thought up -- I think.

Bonnie0455: Do you base a lot of your stories on real life like TAE does?

TAE: Do you find that a lot of your stories come from real-life experiences?

Bonnie0455: lol TAE!

Becky: Real life? sometimes, yes. Like the Traffic Jam series. And the Disneyland story. Well, sort of -- my life is pretty tame, so most of the stuff write is sheerly from my imagination.

Beckysbingbingbeta: Do you think visiting Vancouver and the set helped with your writing?

Becky: Actually, visiting Vancouver didn't change anything in how I write

Bonnie0455: How long does it take to you to write one short story?

Becky: writing a short story just depends on what the idea was and how inspired I feel. "Daybreak" got written in an hour.

Bonnie0455: Wow!

Becky: "Ripples" took me 4 days. The mall story took .... a week I think?

Shelley Knepley: Another favorite is the one where Jim has to find Blair in a mall. How long did that take to write?

Wnnepooh: What took the longest?

Becky: Tthe longest? Of my TS stories -- probably the OWW crossover.

Wnnepooh: OWW MY FAVE!!!!

Shelley Knepley: I never saw OWW Do you need to see the show to understand the story?

Becky: No, you don't need to see the show to understand the story. At least I don't think you do. I think I explained everything within the story that you need to know.

Shelley Knepley: Oh good! I'll have to get that one, then.

Becky: And, yes, I do plan on writing a sequel...

Wolfshy: What do you have plan in the future?

When do you write?

Becky: I write in the evenings and on the weekends. My job is only 8-5 and I don't bring anything home ever

Bonnie0455: Do you ever work on these stories in your head while you're at work?

Becky: Occasionally when things are slow at work, I'll work on a story in my head.

Beckysbingbingbeta: Becky--spoilers for your OWW sequel??? <G>

TAE: YES, PLEASE!!! Wnnepooh: Please?

Becky: I'm not saying a thing. <g>

Bonnie0455: Come on becky! give!

Beckysbingbingbeta: Aw maaaaaan...

TAE: I'll send you some cybertruffles.

Wolfshy: Becky Please

Becky: I don't really have it planned out yet -- except that Mack and Holli will come to Cascade and chaos will probably ensue.

Bonnie0455: Oh cool!

TAE: That's good.

Wnnepooh: When doesn't it ensue with Mack?

Becky: And it will be after Megan has arrived in Cascade as well. Like I said, I don't really have anything planned out. The one thing I'm gonna try to avoid is the switching ploy between Jim and Mack -- I think it's a little overused...

TAE: But understandable, as well as obvious.

Becky: Robyn and I have been plotting out a few scenes here and there. She's anxious to see me write this.

TAE: So are we.

Shelley Knepley: Is Blair going to be a cop in your universe, or is TSbBS never going to exist?

Becky: Ah, yes, the eternal question. I cannot see Blair as a cop

DawnC: YES!!! Thank you, Becky!!! Whoop! :-)

Wnnepooh: WHAT?

Becky: However, I don't want to avoid dealing with TSbyBS -- so I'll probably work my way around it somehow.

Wnnepooh: Beck? What do you see Blair doing?

Becky: I haven't really decided yet. I don't even know at this point when or if I'll get around to writing post-TSbyBS stories.

TAE: Hey, three years is a big timeframe to write in.

Becky: I don't want to get bogged down in a lot of technical cop stuff, but I don't want to ignore it either. So I'm still pondering the question in my head.

TAE: It tends to be missing, even in the eps. Cop stuff, that is.

Wnnepooh: Okay, where are you in the series, then?

Becky: With the current story I'm working on, it's after S2 but before TSbyBS.

Wnnepooh: Then you have a gap in which to work.

Shelley Knepley: Is there any order to read in your universe? I kinda skip around.

Becky: No, no order really in my universe. If there is, I typically mention it in the notes.

TAE: That's helpful.

Wnnepooh: Beck? What do you think is the ONE thing Blair needs to say to Jim?

Becky: the one

Shelley Knepley: And will he say it in one of your stories?

TAE: Oooh, good question, and the converse, as well, what's the one thing say to Blair.

Becky: Probably ask him straight out "Do you still need me to work with you?" and think he needs to express a little more just how important Blair is to him. I mean the little thing in TSbyBS was wonderful, but sometimes...sometimes I want a little more.

Bonnie0455: And what would Jim's answer be?

TAE: Don't we all?

Becky: I would hope Jim's answer would be a definite "yes!" but one that was thought out. None of this instant reaction. I want a careful answer.

Wnnepooh: Jim careful?

TAE: Ooh, sounds like a nice, angsty scene.

Wolfshy: If you could write a story with one of the other guys which one would it be?

Becky: Writing a story with one of the other guys...I assume you mean not Jim or Blair, right?

Wolfshy: Yes.

Becky: I really like Simon. And have great fun writing him.

Bonnie0455: How come there aren't more Simon stories out there?

TAE: Because he's still considered a minor character.

Becky: I like putting him and Blair together in a room and stepping back to see what will happen.

Beckysbingbingbeta: I think Becky writes Simon *really* well :-)

TAE: Me, too. So, is there a nice Simon story in the near future?

Becky: I'm hoping there will be some more good Simon stuff in the future. I think he's feeling neglected.


Shelley Knepley: How much of Simon not wanting to know about the sentinel stuff is canon?

Wnnepooh: Beck, how do you keep your dialogue in character? Do you hear their voices or what?

Becky: I actually don't really hear their voices speaking to me and I don't see images either. Usually it's just a feel. It's hard to explain.

Bonnie0455: You don't? Man, I certainly hear them but I don't usually see images.

TAE: I don't hear them speaking to me, but I can hear their voices when I read the dialogue.

Becky: Some people have told me that have like an entire movie in their head. With me I sometimes get isolated freeze frame images, but that's about it.

Shelley Knepley: So what comes first, the dialogue or the scene?

Becky: Depends. Most times I have one particular image I want to portray and so I write an entire story just to get to that one moment in time. Sometimes I have a line of dialogue I really want to use, so I create a story around it.

Wnnepooh: Yeah, I've done that. I find one particular scene in my head and I write a story around it.

Beckysbingbingbeta: What's an example of that, Becky?

BeckyB_27: The dialogue one?

Beckysbingbingbeta: Yes.

Becky: Uh....gimme a moment....

Beckysbingbingbeta: Or the image one.

TAE: Or both.

Becky: The image one usually works well for my short smarm pieces. They're usually built up around one moment. One I can think of for the dialogue one would be "Need" -- Jim asking if he could have a hug.

Wolfshy: What kind of story do you like to write best?

Becky: Missing scenes tend to be my favorite, tho I enjoy writing all kinds of stories.

Beckysbingbingbeta: What are your feelings on feedback?

Shelley Knepley: This for the woman who wrote a treatise on feedback =)

BeckyB_27: My feelings on feedback... I think it's important. I like feedback. And I try to give it as much as I can to other writers. I especially like to give feedback to new authors -- it always makes me feel a little warm inside when they write back so thrilled to see a "well-known" author writing them. And for the feedback I receive I always write back to the person who writes me to thank them.

TAE: How do you treat flames, if you've ever gotten any?

Becky: Flames... If I did...most likely I would either ignore it depending how vicious it is. Or I would try to respond politely. I don't believe in flaming. Not even for flaming back the original flamer.

TAE: Agreed.

Wnnepooh: Beck, I actually said that if it werent' for your encouragement, I probably wouldn't have posted my first story. It was your response to one of my LoC's that encouraged me.

Wolfshy: Good for you, Becky

Becky: I have received one flame directed at me for an issue I had no control. It promptly went into the trash bin.

TAE: Good reaction.

Becky: I do try to be encouraging to authors. I remember being a new author. People were so nice to me. I didn't send "thank-yous" to those people and have always felt bad about it. Well, hey, I was just getting started! <G>

Wnnepooh:In general, I think the more prominent authors are very encouraging. Becky, you set a good example.

Becky: I think a lot of them are, yes.

Beckysbingbingbeta: YAY for Becky!

Becky: <<blush>>

Wolfshy: Thanks Becky.

Becky: You're much welcome.

TAE: Good job, Becky.

Beckysbingbingbeta: Becky, if you got a book deal for your Prophecy series, would you take it?

Becky: A book deal....I don't know.

TAE: How about a movie or tv deal?

Becky: That could be interesting.... 'Course then Robyn would insist on hiring the actors we have assigned to the roles.

TAE: It's much better than Hercules or Xena

Wolfshy: I would watch it.

TAE: Similar time frame.

Shelley Knepley: Robyn, do you know something Becky doesn't?

Beckysbingbingbeta: <giggle> I keep telling Pet Fly she's still thinking...

Becky: Robyn likes to hypothesize that my Prophecy stuff will one day be published.

TAE: I'd prefer filmed, myself. With RB as Jyden, and GM as Blaen.

Shelley Knepley: Just don't give it to Sid!

Beckysbingbingbeta: That's because I think it could be <g>

Wolfshy: It's great. Why not?

Becky: <<blush>>

TAE: Problem?

Becky: No, no problem. I just embarrass easily. I still don't think the series is that good.

TAE: I'm sure that's true of most good authors.

Beckysbingbingbeta: They could do the river scene from Legacies! <thunk>

Beckysbingbingbeta: Becky, if you could see any of your TP scenes acted out, which one would it be?

Becky: What scenes...we're talking the whole thing or just the Jydan & Blaen stuff?

TAE: Any and all.

Beckysbingbingbeta: <G> Jydan and Blaen -- start with them

Becky: Jydan and Blaen -- probably one of my favorite scenes of them, one that I thought of first, is one from "Silver Cords" where Jydan rescues Blaen and they ride off on Jydan's horse

TAE: Ooh, yeah.

Becky: As for the rest...oh, Maybe pieces of "Legend" when Kell gets her horse and sword.

Beckysbingbingbeta: We should ask these good people who they think would be a good actor to play Rik, the mean smelly man who beats up Blaen

Becky: Mean smelly man? LOL

Beckysbingbingbeta: He *does* smell!

Becky: I don't recall saying he smelled, but if you say so...

Beckysbingbingbeta: The guy runs around stealing slaves -- how much time does he have for a bath?

Becky: Stealing people and turning them into slaves, you mean

Beckysbingbingbeta: Yeah.

Becky: (yes, we do bicker well, don't we?)

Wolfshy: So do Blair and Jim so It's all about Friendship.

Beckysbingbingbeta: Oh yes. We could probably bicker Jim and Blair into the ground!

Shelley Knepley: How much of your stories comes form your relationship with each other?

Becky: Probably half.

Becky: Well, probably all of the Everyday Life stories have a lot of basis in what I know of friendship -- most of which comes from Robyn. I moved around a lot growing up, so I never really got a lot of really close friends. Robyn's more or less the first one I've truly had.

Shelley Knepley: Who's Jim and who's Blair?

Beckysbingbingbeta: <bounce-bounce>

Becky: I'm more Jim. And Robyn's more Blair, just not as quite as bouncy as she would try to have you believe.

Beckysbingbingbeta: Becky, what would you do if the doorbell rang and Jim and Blair were standing there?

Becky: Drag them in and party. And think about calling you after it's all over.

Beckysbingbingbeta: You wouldn't call me?????

Becky: <g> Ask a leading question....