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Fanfic Challenges
Answers to fanfic challenges given by CT members
last updated 1/3/05
(sorted by story title and linked to author's page at Cascade Library;
a few are available only through the CT list archives)

Challenges must be given by CT member
and must be posted on the list first.

If there are CT challenges missing (that were posted onlist), let Becky know.

Christmas 2004 Challenge
issued 12/3/04 by ListMom Angie
(ended 1/6/05)

(1) Reindeer (2) Stocking cap with poofy ball on the end (3) Ice skates (4) Christmas Tree
(5) No turkey, no stuffing, no traditional food; mention of this made in story (6) Current or recent movie -- you choose;
just one you can make comments about or talk about in conversation (7) Remote Control for whatever device you choose
(8) An oddly placed Fourth of July decoration (9) Naomi should appear, by mention or real appearance, doesn't matter
(10) Elves. There should be elves. I like elves. I also like hobbits, but that's another story, and I figure I *can* work elves
into Christmas, whereas hobbits might be difficult.
These stories can be humor, hurt/comfort, smarm -- whatever that tickles your fancy as long as it's gen.

Lord of the Drunks by Arnie
So This is Christmas by Cheryl R.

Semi-bi-quarterly "When Angie thinks of it" Challenge
issued 9/9/03 by ListMom Angie

A current news event (doesn't matter what -- have fun), and these words:
red, quiet, cracker jack, safe, milk, quartet
Stories should be finished by Halloween.

Headline News by JudyL

Valentine's Day 2003 Challenge
issued 2/11/03 by ListMom Angie

gooey chocolate candy, feather boa, pink tambourine, ground hog -- the living variety
a miniature china tea set, a car/truck chase, a person dressed as a Valentine Heart (plush please),
a tree decorated with Valentine Candies


Christmas 2002 Challenge
issued 12/14/02 by ListMom Angie

a checkered apron, a pecan pie, Toaster Strudel (TM), a trip to see The Two Towers,
eggnog (the *special* kind), Blair and/or Jim and/or any member of Major Crimes singing
(or trying to sing) "We Are The Champions" by Queen, Christmas tree decorated with
wooden ornaments, a squirrel.
Warm fuzzies are a plus; humor would be fantastic; crossovers are fine.

Time Out for the Holidays by Arianna

Crowswork's Christmas Challenge
issued 12/13/02 by Crowswork

Jim and Blair are stuck on a stake-out and bored out of their minds;
they discuss their all time best or worst Christmas.
Story should have an owie and have warm fuzzy edges with a sweet center.


Second Annual CascadeTimes TS AwfulFic Contest
issued 10/7/02 by the CTListMoms

We'd like for everyone to write the worst possible story they can write.
Use bad cliches, write in different persons during the same story, use creative spelling...
Just have fun.


Christmas/New Year's 2001 Challenge
issued 11/28/01 by ListMom Angie

Must include: a horse; two peaches; a soft blanket; snow; warm fireplace; mulled cider; an old book;
a bit of a song or poem (made-up or real); something red, gold, and green.
Does not necessarily have to be a TS story.

A Manhattan Christmas Carol by Sheila Paulson
(Real Ghostbusters fic)

Thanksgiving 2001 Challenge
issued 11/15/01 by ListMom Angie

It must include the TS characters but it can be an crossover -- in fact one of the elements is to be *sure* to include someone from another program. Can be a detailed involvement or a cameo. Other elements to include: a pair of pliers, a baked ham with cherries, a llama, a can of peaches, a set of four-year-old twin boys, a glass of eggnog and a truck owie? (Jim's truck is special. Almost sacred. Any owie to the truck is an owie to JIM.~grin~)


Childhood Stories Challenge
issued by ListMom Iris

Write a story/drabble/missing scene/whatever that utilizes one of your favorite stories from childhood.
Maybe you were inspired by The Little Engine That Could, or perhaps The Secret Garden
was more your speed. Whatever it was, use it in a fic somehow.

How? Hey, that's up to you. Have Jim share a meaningful quote with Blair,
have Blair employ some children's story wisdom in a tight situation,
place Jim and Blair within the story (in the original characters' places),
or use just the story's theme. Do whatever makes you happy! :-)

Oh, and don't forget to tell us which story you're using!
If it can be found online, you might consider sharing the link.


Groundhog Day Challenge
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended February 2, 2001)

Fic based on the concept of the Groundhog Day movie
(i.e., the day keeps repeating itself until things are settled in the right way.)
Can be funny or serious. Doesn't matter. Warm fuzzies (aka *smarm*) is also always good.
If it's gonna be serious, how 'bout throw in some hurt/comfort 'cause I just love hurt/comfort.

Synchronicity by Vision

Official New Year's Day 2001 Challenge
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended January 2, 2001 at midnight)

Jim and Blair (A TS tale); snow; pizza; coconut pie; chocolate cake;
highwaymen (you know..robbers, thieves, bad guys ... in cavalier clothing);
a parrot that speaks only in Shakespearean verse;
a protest group that is protesting against people who protest


First Annual CascadeTimes TS Awfulfic Christmas Gift Contest
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended Christmas 2000)

Your assignment is to write the most horrible, terrible, badly written TS story ever,
dedicate it to someone as a *gift* and then post it to the list.
You can do it anytime between now and Christmas.
Awards will be given for most inventive, imaginative,etc.,
and this will happen in January 2001.

A Cliche in the Life by Becky and Robyn
Don't Look by Wolfshy
Incoherent Ramblings of a Depraved Mind During a Psychotic Episode
in the Midst of Spring Whilst the Azaleas are in Bloom
by Eagle Eye
Puppy Love by ferryboat George
The "Awful" Epic by 3peasinapod
A Senseless Education by Lila Kulp
Untitled by Susan Wells

Thanksgiving 2000 Challenge
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended November 26, 2000)

Fall leaves, a cannon ball, Jim's truck must once again have an accident, an emu, a baked turkey,
cranberry sauce, Megan with a pink coat and boots (ala...one of those eps), Blair with a cold,
a zucchini pie, a chase scene

Incoherent Ramblings of a Depraved Mind During a Psychotic Episode
in the Midst of Spring Whilst the Azaleas are in Bloom
by Eagle Eye
It's Just a Cold by Ceryndip

Halloween 2000 Challenge
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended October 31, 2000)

A jack-o-lantern, old running shoes, a scarecrow, a unicycle, a baboon, a race horse,
orange and black crepe paper, a Jim owie

It's Halloween by Carole
Ghostlight by Ceryndip
Masquerade by Vision

Phrase Challenge
issued 8/9/00 by CJSGalen

Write a story (at least 3 full pages when printed) that has the following phrase:
"Ellison! Put the rookie down, now."

The Rookie by Franzi

Dr. Seuss Challenge
issued 7/14/00 by Kathryn Andersen

Write a story in the style of Dr. Seuss. All in rhyme.

Oh The Things You See In Cascade by Melissa Hollern

The Sentinel/The New Fantasy Island crossover
issued 7/12/00 by CJSGalen

Send the gang to Fantasy Island
(by the gang I mean any of Jim, Blair, Simon, Taggart, Rafe, and/or Brown)


Rain Challenge
issued 6/27/00 by Kathryn Andersen

Take the following paragraph as your starting point, and write the rest of the story:
~~It was raining. Jim could hear the rain tapping on the windows,
gurgling down the drains, tumbling through the gutters. He could
hear the splash of the water as the cars drove through the
puddles. His mood was as grey as the clouds.~~
Bonus points if you actually *don't* put Blair in hospital

Falling Rain by Autumn Skies
Rhythm of the Rain by Carole

Richard Burgi birthday challenge
issued 6/22/00 by ListMom Angie
(ended July 30, 2000)

Megan's funky coat, pink go-go boots, Jim dropping his gun, bubblegum, plastic bubble wrap,
soap bubbles, a goat - the living variety, a chessboard, a computer game, dinner at a restaurant,
live music, a vehicle chase, climbing a tree, fireworks, the Fourth of July
(for us American type sibs...optional for international sibs).
It can be funny, smarmy, serious -- whatever your imagination and muses want it to be.
The story must also include Jim, Blair and Megan in some fashion.
Other MC guys are optional, but feel free to include them as well.


Romance Challenge #1
issued 6/13/00 by Marianne

A story/stories with Jim and Megan falling in love.


Romance Challenge #2
issued 6/13/00 by Marianne

A story/stories with Blair and Megan falling in love.

Love is Where You Least Expect It by Melissa

Missing Scene Challenge
issued 6/10/00 by ListMom Angie
(ends September 22, 2000)

Write a missing scene for an episode with five or less already-written missing scenes.

Second Chance Epilogue by Ceryndip

Song Challenge
issued 6/8/00 by Julie Jekel

I'd like to make a request that someone write a story based on the lyrics to the song
"When You Come Back to Me Again" by Garth Brooks. It is *SO* Jim and Blair,
and it's from Frequency, that movie that gave me so many TS moments. <g>


Memorial Day Challenge
issued 5/1/00 by ListMom Angie
(ended May 29, 2000)

A cookout, pie-eating contest, a water slide, a turtle (the real variety),
use the name *Buttercup* in there somewhere (don't ask),
a home style recipe that's special to a member of Major Crimes, Naomi,
a Jim owie (equal time is always a good thing),
some type of sensory tests that Blair gives to Jim

Famiglia ed Amici by Wolfshy

Invisible Man Challenge
issued 4/29/00 by Kathryn Andersen

Jim meets the Invisible Man.


Informercial Challenge
issued 4/3/00 by ListMom Angie

What if Jim was at home sick? And maybe the meds he got from the doctor made him wonky...
and he was kinda sorta zoned on the infomercials...and he kept ordering stuff...


Hidden Test Challenge
issued 3/22/00 by Lila

We all know how Jim soooo likes tests, but I can't really see Blair taking 'no' for an answer.
He has to get his tests in somehow. The question is how to test Jim without him knowing it. ;)
How about a challenge to write a story with one of Blair's devious little hidden tests?


Easter 2000 Challenge
issued 3/17/00 by ListMom Angie
(ended on April 23, 2000)

An Easter basket, Marshmallow Peeps, a biddy (live little baby chicken), a stuffed Easter Bunny that makes noise,
a suspect or crook dressed like the real Easter Bunny, Easter egg dye, an Easter egg hunt, a chocolate rabbit,
25 small kids all under the age of five, a Blaircussion, Megan, Simon, Joel, Rafe and Brown,
Jim having to do something *really* embarrassing, A dog (a real one) that has been painted pink

The Bare Necessities by Sally
The Bunny Hop by Carole
Easter Madness by Wolfshy
Who Believes in the Easter Bunny? by Ceryndip

"A Story So Sad That It Makes Us All Cry" Challenge
(i.e. St. Patrick's Day 2000 Challenge)
issued 2/28/00 by ListMom Angie
(ended on March 17, 2000)

CANNOT be a death story of the main characters and don't permanently hurt them physically
or mentally either, it needs some Jim angst and some Blair angst..maybe a few tears and some
h/c definitely, set during the St. Patrick's Day time frame, a red-haired person of any age, any gender,
a stuffed dog, a heart monitor, springtime flowers, Blair's lack of a father, Jim's lack of a mother,
10 minutes and/or 10 seconds mentioned in the story that are very very VERY important to the plot
(It can be either someone telling about something very significant happening in that time limit *or* it can
be something significant that happens within those time frames. Either is fine.), water - just a little or a whole lot,
doesn't matter which

The Bundle by Debbie
Depth or Doubt of Faith by Mpala
Ten Short Minutes by Medie

New Year's Eve/Day 1999/2000 Challenge
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended January 1, 2000)

Toilet paper, Jim 'owie', a New Year's resolution, red paint, miniature golf, dentures, boxer shorts,
"Clue" game, crickets, and a letter.

Letter Home by Becky
On the Eve of New Year's Eve by Carole
Play Therapy by Vision
Silence by Wolfshy
TP, Fertility Gods and Crickets, Oh My! by Ceryndip

Christmas 1999 Challenge
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended December 25, 1999)

An explosion, a cow bell, a shoe horn, a piano, a model airplane, a jar of black olives, a jelly fish,
a sled with a real live oink-oink pig on it, Hermey the Elf from the Rudolph Christmas special,
a Christmas tree with red and green chili pepper-shaped and colored lights,
a train going around a Christmas tree, and presents for everyone

Another Crazy and Chaotic Christmas ala Sandburg & Ellison by Medie
Christmas Miracle by Wolfshy
A Christmas To Remember by WindDancer and Myst
A Holly Jolly Christmas by Juliet Benson
Humbugs by Ceryndip
O Christmas Tree by Carole
Silent Night....Yeah, Right by Kelly Meding
Traditional Christmas by Becky

Thanksgiving 1999 Challenge
issued by ListMom Angie
(ended November 25, 1999)

A pumpkin pie, a duck (the quack-quack living variety), snow, a vroom-vroom truck chase,
the furry Fargo hat from Light My Fire, Pampers, and some minor owies

Animal Quackers by AnneCat
Duck Takes a Holiday by Iris Wilde
A Family Thanksgiving by Carole
Fowl Play by Vision
Giving Thanks by Wolfshy
Hearth by Becky
A Little Thanksgiving Story by Ceryndip
A Reason by Medie
Thanksgiving by Stargazer
Turkey Over Easy by Sis

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