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Welcome to the old Cascade Times Guestbook!

Suzie - 10/17/00 22:09:34
My URL:http://www.homestead.com/TSFiction/WrittenWord.html
My Email:suzieb@harbornet.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: The camaraderie of the characters
Fav eps: pretty much all of 'em
Fav fanfic authors: many
Fav fanfic stories: many
Of all of the lists that I'm on and have been on, CT is my favorite! Thank you!

Svetlana Zamolodchikova - 10/06/00 20:45:14
My Email:BlairMackenzie@aol.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: EVERYTHING!!!!
Fav eps: Sentinel Too Part 1 and 2
Other shows: Dark Angel
Fav fanfic authors: DawnC, Danae
Fav fanfic stories: Saviors triology, Avenging Angel
LOVE this site, it's one of the best!

Naomi Bryant - 08/05/00 18:49:25
My Email:Sci.Fi-child@Juno.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: everything
Fav eps: all
Other shows: "One West Waikiki"
Fav fanfic authors: Hard Decision
Fav fanfic stories: too many to choose from
I want to know if theres anyone out there that would'nt mind copying the series of "One West Waikiki" for me. Thank You -Naomi

Christie - 06/09/00 15:11:25
My URL:http://pages.ivillage.com/misc/christie_m_lawrence/index.html
My Email:christie_m_lawrence@yahoo.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: I'm not sure, I just like it
Fav eps: Simon,Ellison, and Sanburg are just AWESOME
Other shows: Hercules;The Legendary Journeys, Quantum Leap,Sailor Moon
Fav fanfic authors: Hard decision
Fav fanfic stories: Can't decide

Julie (aka JJ2) - 03/21/00 19:09:42
My URL:http://www.crosswinds.net/~jjxpfc/
My Email:drjekel@hotmail.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: don't know yet--I'm a new fan
Fav eps: The only one I remember the title of is "Cypher" :-)
Other shows: Quantum Leap, Strange Luck, The X-Files, Profiler, Forever Knight, Highlander (pre-Barfangel), Harsh Realm, Touched by an Angel, Lois and Clark, Scaredrow and Mrs. King...
Fav fanfic authors: Laura Picken, Ysone, Tate, um...I can't remember all the names. *blush*
Fav fanfic stories: "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "Siege" by Laura Picken--they're the reasons I started watching TS
Just a curious newbie exploring the fandom. Sounds like a fun list.

Spring - 01/19/00 05:57:06
My Email:spring114@juno.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: EVERYTHING!!!
Fav eps: Cypher, Murder 101, Blind Man's Bluff, Survival, and many many more!!
Other shows: Hercules, Xena, Nash Bridges, Dr. Quinn
Fav FanFic authors: Too many to name!!
Fav FanFic Stories: All that I have read!!

Sandrine - 01/08/00 17:02:21
My Email:mayarsan@club-internet.fr
Fav things about The Sentinel: friendships
Fav eps: all
Other shows: Poltergeist, The Pretender
Hi! I'm French and I find your site very well done. I hope to see more seasons about The Sentinel and think I'm not the only one. Thanks for the photos, sounds and all I've read here. Bye

Almond Munchkin - 12/15/99 02:55:33
My Email:almond_munchkin@mailcity.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: The friendship between the guys
Fav eps: Cypher, Sentinel Too
Fav FanFic authors: TAE, Quilty, BJKira
Fav FanFic Stories: WAY too many to name!
Hi all! I love being a part of this mailing list and obviously, I adore all things sentinel related!

ShadowMist/Assassin Munchkin - 09/30/99 18:29:24
My Email:shadowmist_los@yahoo.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Jim and Blair
Fav eps: all of them
Other shows: Stargate, Xena, First Wave, Farscape
Heyla, just wanted to say sorry that I bailed on all of ya so unexpectedly back in May. What happened was I got so caught up in finals and stuff I couldn't keep up and then it was time to go home and I don't have access to a computer at home. I didn't g back to college this semester which is why I haven't signed back on and I really miss all of ya. The only way I have access to the internet is though the library and I don't get there often but if ya want to write feel free to do so. I'll try to check y e-mail periodically. Signing off and keep up the good fight, Assassin Munchkin

Suisan "Sue" R. - 07/08/99 08:30:18
My Email:Suisan@aol.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Everything! But especially the friendship between Jim, Blair and Simon!
Fav eps: Hmm, you don't ask easy questions, do you? Okay, TSbyBS, The Waiting Room, Murder 101, Blind Man's Bluff, and Spare Parts
Other shows: *All* of them? Oakey dokey... The Sentinel, The Pretender, X-Files, NYPD: Blue, Millennium, Brimstone, Space: Above and Beyond, StarGate: SG1, Red Dwarf and Are You Being Served?
Fav FanFic authors: DawnC, DL Witherspoon, TAE, and too many more to name! I'm a glutton for TS fanfic! I'll read anything!
Fav FanFic Stories: No Center Line, Lilith, Some are Silver - Some are Gold
Here I am, Mrs. Johnny-come-lately, just joined the list and am looking foward to this new way of getting my TS fix in. =) I just hope hat I can figure out how to manage this thing, and how to post to the list before too long!

stacey - 06/13/99 17:45:56
My Email:iwana be18@aol.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: the body's
Fav eps: all
Other shows: X-Files
Fav FanFic authors: all of them
Fav FanFic Stories: Some are Silver, Others are Gold
peace people........

Marietsy - 06/12/99 11:33:35
My Email:marietsy@yahoo.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Garett Maggart
Fav eps: all of them
Other shows: X-files, Highlander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Felicity
Fav FanFic authors: Tae, Robyn, Becky,Everyone on Wolfpup's page.
Just wanted to say Hi and let everyone know that I am looking forward to being on this list. I just signed up today. Looking forward to great discussions and ABSOLUTELY GREAT FIC!!!!! (can I get an amen!)

Elizabeth C. - 05/07/99 15:00:21
My Email:merlin@nemaine.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Jim and Blair, the mysticism, Simon, Henri, Rafe, THE FANFIC
Fav eps: Haven't Seen, them all - gotta remember to buy the tapes!
Other shows: Star Trek TOS, Robin of Sherwood, Highlander(parts of it), MacGyver, Magnum PI,etc.
Fav FanFic authors: LRH Balzer, Tae, Cindy, Heck-all of Wolfpup's Den, Shelly, Tate, DL Witherspoon, and so on, and so on...
Fav FanFic Stories: Too many to say, but currently No Center Line is right up there.
Great Place! and friendly, too!

Claire - 04/29/99 02:34:35
My Email:csaunders@bc.sympatico.ca
Fav things about The Sentinel: Blair & Jim...what else is there?? I suppose the storyline is important too... :-)
Fav eps: Pilot, Sentinel Too, season 4
Other shows: Pretender, Sliders, Will & Grace, Stargate SG-1
Fav FanFic Stories: all..I'm not picky, just in awe of people who can actually put thought on paper!

Bishop Titan - 04/25/99 08:32:18
My Email:nautycal@yahoo.com
Thank you Fess and Angel.

cyndi edwards - 04/24/99 17:14:19
My Email:cyndie@antiqueauto.org
Fav things about The Sentinel: relation ship between Blair and Jim
Fav eps: Survival, Iceman
Fav FanFic authors: Tae, Iris Wilde, Dawn, Starplaza, tapu
Fav FanFic Stories: too many to mention

Cat - 04/12/99 15:19:05
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/4778/index.htm
My Email:catbat@ctlnet.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Jim, Bliar, Simon
Fav eps: Just about all of them
Hi, Thought I should send some sort of comment since I'm part of the general insanity, and, since I took the test, I *know* I've lost a few marbles. ~grin~ Hey! You out there. Yes, you. Come on and join the CascadeTimes List. Revel in our insane sense of un and laughter. Cat

PJ Parker - 04/11/99 02:21:05
My Email:sfirecat@webtv.net
Fav things about The Sentinel: all things Blair
Fav eps: Warriors & Survival
Fav FanFic authors: Y.S. McCool, DL Witherspoon, Bast
Fav FanFic Stories: all dealing with shamanism, mysticism
"Cold & wet is my world, man."

Betty Lipe - 04/10/99 01:14:20
My Email:Blipe@prodigy.net

Angie Harrison - 04/09/99 18:51:15
My Email:ZipBang98@aol.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: The Friendship..what else? ~grin~ Fav eps: Cypher, BMB, The Rig, Survival
Other shows: XFiles
Fav FanFic authors: OH geez..Becky, Iris, Robyn, Shiloh, DL Witherspoon, TAE...too many to name!
Fav FanFic Stories: Too many!!!
I like our webpage and our list..it's nice and homey. It's a place you can kick back, relax and let the lunacy reign. ~grin~ TAE!! The chocolate truffle recipe again please! ~grin~

ShadowMist - 04/09/99 16:02:31
My Email:shadowmist_los@yahoo.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: "our" guys Jim & Blair
Fav eps: do I really have to choose?
Other shows: hmmm, its been so long since I've seen anything else. Stargate, Xena, Early Edition and Earth: Final Conflict
Fav FanFic authors: To many to list plus I'm still trying to read everything I can get my hands on even remotely related to The Sentinel.
Fav FanFic Stories: same as above
Thanks for such a great site you guys. I feel like I've come home (sniff, sniff). Home, I'm home. ~eg~

Linda Doty - 04/09/99 15:44:36
My Email:Kinquest@pyramid.net
Fav things about The Sentinel: the stories
Fav FanFic authors: Bonnie Heint
I'm distantly related to Bonnie "Stargazer" and she sends me her stories, as well as some on the website.

Iris Wilde - 04/09/99 05:05:45
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Cinema/8051/
My Email:iriswilde@aol.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Blair said it best: "It's about friendship."
Fav eps: Switchman, BMB, Cypher, Warriors, et al.
Other shows: There are other shows?
Fav FanFic authors: Oh, don't get me started!
Fav FanFic Stories: Too numerous to list ~grin~
I'm thrilled to be a member of this close-knit community! Friendship, laughter, and cyberhugs...ain't we got fun!

Lora Reeder - 03/31/99 22:06:43
My Email:blreeder@bellsouth.net
Fav things about The Sentinel: Besides the guys, the stories, the F/X and tons of other goodies you don't find these days on TV....the friendship. Everyone shoul have a friendship like that...
Fav eps: All of 'em!!
Other shows: Highlander & The Sentinel. Don't have much time to watch much else!
Great site!!!! I subscribed to your mailing list. It's the first one I've ever subscribed to. Not sure what to expect or what is expected. I'm so amazed at The Sentinel following the Internet has! "We're" everywhere!!!

Stargazer (Bonnie the Elder) - 03/20/99 04:45:05
My Email:bheint@gateway.net
Fav things about The Sentinel: everything
Fav eps: all
Other shows: too many to mention, I'm a child reared on TV from day one!
Fav FanFic authors: Mackie, Dawn C, Agnes Mage, Becky & Robyn, Emerald, lots more, but can't remember
Fav FanFic Stories: DL Witherspoon's Family Series, GOH, and haven't found any I didn't like
Great site ladies! Love it. Can't wait to see what else you come up with! If you want to post some of our snippets of threads, be my guest! Stargazer

Becky - 03/18/99 22:22:03
My URL:http://www.kelesa.net/
My Email:bbrewste@sprynet.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: the guys, the humor, the action (yes, I'm action fan *grin*)
Fav eps: Blind Man's Bluff, Warriors, Survival, The Rig
Other shows: ST: DS9, and just starting to watch Buffy
Fav FanFic authors: Shiloh, Tate, K. Ryn, Carolyn
Fav FanFic Stories: the list is *way* too long!
Great little site and a wonderful list. I'm just having too much fun!

Aria - 03/18/99 18:46:55
My Email:
Fav things about The Sentinel: Friendship
Fav eps: Cypher, Blind Man's Bluff, Night Shift and Sentinel Too
Other shows: Pretender, StarGate: SG1
Fav FanFic authors: Kristine Williams, DL Witherspoon
Fav FanFic Stories: All excluding slash
I'm glad to see we now have a web page.

nancy - 03/18/99 06:57:21
My Email:N_V_ER@yahoo.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Jim, Blair, Simon, Rafe, Henri, Anna. . .and that stunt guy
Fav eps: most of them!!!!!
i'm a Sentinelholic and don't want to get over it. I appreciate the enabling this list provides. . . . ;-D

wolfshy - 03/18/99 04:54:47
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Stage/6620
My Email:wolfshy@hotmail.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Jim and Blair friendship and Blair
Fav eps: BMB, Murder 101, and Waiting Room
Other shows: Silk Stalking
Fav FanFic authors: Can't pick, they are all great
Fav FanFic Stories: Same as above
It looks good, can't wait to see it when it's finished. Love the list. Lots of great people.

Erinburg - 03/17/99 19:07:32
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Studio/9955/index.html
My Email:blairsbabe@hotmail.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Blair (Like I need any other reason)
Fav eps: BMB, Iceman S2P2...The 4th Season
Other shows: Like there's anything else!
Fav FanFic authors: Too many to name
Fav FanFic Stories: Too many to name
Hiya! Looks pretty groovy thus far...can't wait to see what else you've got planned for it! Erinburg

Melissa Selby - 03/16/99 01:33:38
My Email:cornbred56@aol.com
Fav things about The Sentinel: Jim and Blair
Fav eps: The Rig, Survival, Blind Man's Bluff
Other shows: Magnificent Seven, X-Files
Fav FanFic authors: Martha Taylor, Kitty Woldow, Katie Penland, the list goes on and on
Fav FanFic Stories: Don't make me choose!!!
This site is really looking good, y'all. I can't wait until you get it all up and running!! Thanks for letting me take a peek. Melissa

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