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Personality tests
last updated 3/18/00

Kingdomality Test -- answer 8 questions and find out what occupation you would have held in the Medieval Ages.

Insanity Test -- find out if you're... insane? (site gone)

Chinese Astrology -- To learn about your Chinese astrological sign, check out these sites. If you'd like some help, email Iris (one of our listmoms) at IrisWilde@aol.com and she'll be happy to help you out.

http://members.aol.com/johnsonlau/introduction.htm (site gone)
This site is graphics-heavy and can be confusing to move around, but the information found here is among the best! To learn about your sign, scroll to the bottom of the Introduction page and click on "If you're new to Chinese horoscopes..." On the Special Notes page scroll down and click on "The years of the lunar signs..." You'll be able to find your sign and ruling element here. Then back up to the intro page and click on "Click here to reveal the animal...." This page lists the animal signs. Click on your sign. You may have to wait a few moments for the page to load. The description of your animal sign's year, its personality, etc., are found on the right side of the page. An added bonus is found under the heading "The five types of...." near the bottom of this page. This will tell you much about your element's influence over your sign.

http://cat.nyu.edu/liaos/horoscope_old.html (site gone)
This site is self-explanatory. If you don't know your sign, click on "Find Out Your Sign." This will takes you to the Chinese Calendar page. Click on the year you were born and it will take you to a chart with your animal and the dates encompassed by your sign. If you were born in January or February, pay close attention to the dates; the Chinese New Year's Day varies from year to year. This site reveals both your animal sign and ruling element, but it does not give any details about the latter.

http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/3663/yourch.html (site gone)
This site is easy to navigate as well. Find your birth year and click on it. Unlike the other sites, however, the ruling element is not listed.

To further assist you, here is a listing of the ruling elements and their characteristics.

WATER Those influenced by Water are as fluid as this Element indicates. Creative and easygoing, the aquatic ones are both artistic and engaging and flow from one idea to the next. These water babies are also compassionate and understanding, making them the touchy-feely folks at every party. Give 'em a hug, please!

FIRE Those influenced by Fire are highly charged folk, even combustible at times! Hot tamales to the core, these dynamic individuals can see straight to the heart of an issue and make it work for them. Call them single-minded, but they refuse to be swayed from a cause they believe to be important. Are temperatures rising? Someone pretty fired-up must be in the room!

METAL Those influenced by Metal are strong and virtuous albeit a bit set in their ways. No arm-wrestling with the metallic ones, either, for they might break that appendage in two! Shiny metal folk can be stern taskmasters as well, demanding the most from themselves and those they love. That reflected glow can be dangerous, indeed!

EARTH Those influenced by Earth are the worker bees of the Elemental procession. No task is too onerous, or too small, for earthlings. What matters is that the end goal is the right one, and with the prize in sight, Earth folk can slave away forever. Those graced by this element are inwardly focused as well, wanting to make themselves the very best person they can be. Patience is their strong suit, although this can deteriorate into brute stubbornness on occasion.

WOOD Those influenced by Wood are solid as a rock. Make that wood. Thinking of others before themselves makes these people the backbone of any business or social group, leading by example along the way. If you need someone to argue your point of view, enlist a woody. Warm and generous, the wooden wonders also know that to go along is to get along. Are woodies witty? If they get their way!

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