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CascadeTimes List Rules and Information
last updated 8/28/03

  • Most Important Rules
  • Administration Responsibilities
  • Fan Fiction Posting Rules
  • Subbing, Digest Version, and Unsubbing
  • Most Important Rules

    1. No flaming. At all. Period. We can all have different opinions and can even discuss them, but no flaming.

    A) If flaming occurs, the list administrators will issue a warning.

    B) If the flaming continues, the guilty party/parties will be place on moderated posts.

    C) If the improper behavior is still undeterred, the party/parties will be suspended or unsubbed.

    Please note: No list member will be moderated, suspended, or unsubbed without due process and fair warning. These decisions can come *only* from the list administration. We don't think that this will ever be a problem, but it's always good to reinforce positive ideas.

    2. No spamming. It is the one thing for which a list member may be summarily unsubbed. We realize that listsibs occasionally pass along spam unintentionally ("Please write to this dying child" chain letters, etc.), and that is taken into consideration. However, we will permit no posts of a sexual ("XXX Live Girls") or monetary ("Make $$$$") nature.

    3. Post Content

    A) Because there is no age statement required for this list, and due to recent concerns regarding the abundance of sexual content on the Internet (aka, the "Anti-Smut Law") there are to be no sexually graphic conversations on this list. We realize that this is open to interpretation; therefore, if we consider the topic to be improper (or in some cases, borderline) we will contact the involved parties and express our desire that the thread be discontinued offlist. (Be advised that we are not going to change this rule so please *don't* sub with the intention of challenging it. Any and everyone is welcome here..but it's all non-grahpic discussion/stories and it's going to stay that way. There are kids who are on this list and we are going to protect them and keep it this way.)

    B) Also, since this is an established "gen" list, there are to be no references, stated or implied, to slash or preslash, nor are there to be any slash recommendations. If you are a writer whose website houses both gen and slash, you may state this when inviting listmembers to visit your site (example: "Warning: this site contains slash as well as gen stories."). The purpose of this rule is to avoid slashy conversations or innuendo. (Again, this is not something that is going to change so please feel free to join us but please respect our right to choose to be *gen* only. There are other lists that are for slash and if you would like to know about them, please contact one of the list admins and we can put you in contact with someone who can tell you more about them.)

    C) This rule applies to all CT-sponsored chats as well. We don't care what you say in private e-mails or private IM's, but when attending one of the CT chats (whether YahooGroups, AIM, MSN, etc.), keep the topics and discussion gen. By the same token, keep the chats "clean" (G or PG-rated). Some people are not comfortable with graphic material, and since we don't control the age limit for members, it's better to keep things light. If you're feeling frisky you might want to avoid the chat that night.

    4. Off topic posts - We really, *really* don't know what an OT is. This list is for conversation about TS, but it's for US as a group, also. We believe the whole point of lists is to get to know one another. Consequently, you may find some pretty esoteric posts in here, but that's okay because we, your parental list units, said it was. To avoid confusion, however, we've tried to define what is/is not permissible. What does it mean when we say OT posts are OK?

    A) It's fine to talk about TV programs other than TS. We all like a lot of things! That's where our infamous *Good Looking Guys* list came from.

    B) We also want the list to be open to fanfiction that could be TS-related or other program-related.

    C) There have also been occasions when threads have outlived their usefulness to the list community. While there's nothing inherently wrong with teasing other list members in post after post after post after post after... it fills up the mailboxes of uninvolved list members and can make for boring reading unless you're with the "in" crowd. A few comments are one thing, but if we notice that a group of people are posting back and forth, using the list for what amounts to a public chat, those people will be kindly (and privately) asked to remove the thread offlist. If the posts continue, the request will be posted to the list. Please save the stuff like that for your personal correspondences.

    D) Sometimes listsibs get...misplaced. If you wish to locate a fellow listsib, please try contacting her/him directly first. If this fails, then feel free to post an inquiry to the list. Wait patiently...eventually you'll receive a reply. Repeated search posts fill up *everyone's* mailboxes, not just the searchee's. A search inquiry is *not* considered a discussion thread, so please don't turn it into one.

    5. *GEN* fan fiction is allowed and encouraged...not only TS fan fic, but whatever other fanfic you have written and want to share. Do *not*, however, post any fic of a slash nature, no matter what it's rating (G, PG, etc.). As stated before, CT is a strictly *gen* list. If you need guidelines on how to post your fiction, write to one of the list moms or send an email to ctlistmoms@yahoo.com and we can send you posting instructions.

    A) Some authors like public feedback, some don't. Please follow their wishes when giving feedback. As a side note, some authors like only positive feedback, some welcome both positive and negative. If the author welcomes constructive criticism on our list, then feel free to do so but do so courteously and gently. Again, please follow the authors wishes. And if you don't know, ask them.

    B) We would like to suggest that all writers/authors who post their stories to the list, or anywhere for that matter, please state *somewhere* whether you want private/public feedback or both, and whether you want only positive comments or welcome any comments. It's just a good thing to do plus it just makes it easier on readers and your poor listmoms.

    6. Post Etiquette

    A) Never, ever post anything from another person (private e-mail) to the list unless you have prior permission from said person.

    B) Never post anything posted to this list anywhere else unless you have the permission of the person who originally posted. This is just simple, common courtesy--kindergarten stuff.

    C) If you are asked to forward a message from one list to another, feel free to do so (use common sense to determine if the content is CT-appropriate). However, do not crosspost to several lists at once; it can wreak havoc with servers. Please post to each list separately.

    D) As a courtesy to our fellow listsibs on the digest version, *please* only quote the necessary portions of a post when replying to it. This avoids having to wade through dozens of posts with the same stuff quoted over and over. Thanks!

    E) Do not post announcements regarding other lists to CT. Previously this would have been permissible as long as you received a nod from the listmoms, but experience has taught us that we cannot guarantee the content of other lists. Therefore list recruitment/recommendation is not permitted.

    F) We encourage all listsibs to send LoC's to authors who post their stories on CT (after all, it's the only payment they receive); critiques, however, should be sent privately (and preferably only at the author's request). We do *not* subscribe to the belief that public posting makes you a target for public critiquing.

    Administration Responsibilities

    1. To maintain a healthy discussion environment, the list administrators reserve the right to monitor posts for inflammatory remarks and content that would cause undo turmoil on the list.

    2. We also reserve the right to confer and pass judgments on what is appropriate for the list. If we find something inappropriate, we will contact the person(s) involved *via private e-mail* and ask that the topic be taken offlist to avoid any onlist embarrassment. In extreme cases, the list administrators will decide if action is warranted.

    3. Currently, the only activities for which a list member can be unsubbed are spamming, flaming, or flagrantly ignoring the list rules.

    We hope this clarifies everything, and we hope you all continue to have a good time on our list! However, if for some reason you find these rules too restrictive, you are free to unsub and start your own list.

    Okay, we think that's about it. Have fun and enjoy. Just remember, we are friendly and happy and we have fun. We're going to keep on doing that!

    Thanks, Your List Admins

    Angie (List owner and head list mom) -- zipbang98@comcast.net
    Iris (list mom) -- IrisWilde@aol.com
    Impala (list mom) -- Mpala77@aol.com
    Deborah (list mom) -- DebbieLD@aol.com
    Anne (list mom) -- annecat@walshe75.freeserve.co.uk
    Toni Rae (assistant list mom) -- parker1933@home.com

    Fan Fiction Posting Rules

    1. Please refrain from multiple postings (posting to multiple mailing lists with one email). When posting fanfic, make it a separate post from whereever else you're going to send it. This rule is mainly here because some people have problems with multiple postings and CCs and it causes headaches for them.

    2. All forms of general TS fanfic are welcome, including AU stories. Gen fanfic for other shows is also allowed.

    a. Because this list does not require an age statement, slash and adult stories cannot be posted here.

    b. Please use the following headers in the subject line so people will know the post is fanfic and can delete what they do not wish to read:

    TSFF (for general Sentinel fanfic stories)
    TSAU (for gen Sentinel AU stories)
    OtherFF (for gen fanfic for other shows)

    3. If you're not comfortable posting your story, we will be more than happy to do it for you. You can send your story to ctlistmoms@yahoo.com.

    4. As a matter of etiquette to the author, please do not post someone else's fiction to the list without their permission.

    5. Archiving: If you want your story archived/linked to Cascade Library, you need to send the story/info directly to them at tslibrary@yahoo.com or simply include archiving permission in your posts. Most times, the archiving Librarian will catch the fic and get it archived, but not always, so you may want to send to CL directly as well.

    Subbing, Digest Version, and Unsubbing

    Subbing, changing to the digest version, and unsubbing are all done by going to the Yahoo!Groups site, http://groups.yahoo.com/, and selecting the CascadeTimes link from the menu bar on the left under "My Groups."

    This list has a reputation for often having a high volume of posts, so if the email gets to be too much, try changing to the digest version. You will receive digests with up to 25 posts consolidated into one email. You can still post to the list when subbed to the digest version!

    A no-email option is also available. You can stay subbed to the list but not receive any of the posts. You may read the archived digest posts on-line at http://groups.yahoo.com/.

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