Sentinel Fan Fiction Page || Fanfic -- Drabbles

Aftermath Drabbles series
by Becky
November 1998 -- February 1999


Cold winds blowing his dark hair across reddened, rain-damp cheeks, the young man stood alone and silent at the edge of the dark road. Arms wrapped tightly around himself, he watched, eyes dulled with the sadness of a life lost and the soul-shock of man's violent nature. A gentle hand touched his shoulder, followed by a low, soft voice.

"You okay, buddy?"

He shrugged. He didn't know.

The hand became an arm, enfolding him in an embrace. "Let's go home, Blair."

Leaning into the solid, comforting form of his larger friend, he sighed, turning his head toward Jim's chest. "Yeah."


Long coat blowing around his legs, Simon directed the examination of the crime scene. Finding the body had been all too familiar. But knowing just who had found it... He shook his head, a bitter pang of regret touching him.

Glancing over, he spotted Blair, alone, arms hugging himself, pale face lit only by flashing police lights. The captain frowned. Where...? The question answered itself as Jim appeared, first touching Blair's shoulder, then gathering him close, encouraging the young man to turn toward him.

Which he did.

Nodding approvingly, Simon went back to his duty, leaving the sentinel to his.


Pursing her lips, Megan shivered as the evening wind blew past where she studied the unfortunate victim lying forgotten in the abandoned car. Terrible. To just be left alone like this.

Truck tires squeaked quietly to a halt on wet asphalt behind her. She turned. Curious. Hopeful. Her eyes found the familiar blue-and-white pickup, police lights flashing in the darkness, and Jim's tall form next to it, his sharp eyes searching....

Ah, good, he sees him.

She watched just long enough to see Jim reach Blair's side, knowing Jim would take care of his too-quiet -- and hurting -- partner.

Good man.


Someone had been murdered. Violently.

His partner had found the body.

By himself. Alone.

Jaw muscles tightening in response to the conflicting emotions -- anger, worry, impatience, pain, sadness -- coursing through him, Jim pulled his truck to a stop at the side of the dark, cold, wet road, getting out quickly. Alert eyes scanned the area. Police. Cars and lights. Yellow tape. Assorted gawkers and media. Simon. Megan. Where...?


Jim reached his partner's side in moments, touching Blair's shoulder softly.

"You okay, buddy?"

A shrug.

Quietly, gently, he drew him to his side, holding him close. "Let's go home, Blair."


Two sets of eyes tracked the progress of the two partners as they made their way to the truck. Simon noted how closely Jim held Blair, protecting him, shielding him from curious eyes and intrusive media. Megan saw how weary Blair was, how he closed his eyes and simply leaned into Jim, dependent on his partner.

Simon and Megan quietly returned their attention to the tasks at hand, putting their own concerns to rest. Jim would take care of Blair.

Reports and statements could wait until later. At that moment, Jim had a soul to soothe, to comfort, to heal.