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Summary: A little St. Patrick's Day fun in the bullpen. Post-The Real Deal, pre-TSbyBS.

Bit O'Green
by Becky
March 2000

Safely seated at his desk in his green sweater, Jim glanced up from the case file when his partner, backpack over one shoulder, whistled his way into the bullpen. Having only seen a Blair-colored blur rush out the door five hours earlier, the detective didn't know if Blair remembered the significance of the date that morning.

He watched as Blair exchanged laughter and grins with Brown (green beret), Rafe (GQ dark green tie), and Joel (very bright green tie) at the doorway. Zooming in, Jim spotted the green four-leaf clover sticker on Blair's long-sleeved red shirt and grinned. Must have forgotten again and had to find something at the last minute.

Blair turned and headed towards Jim, but was stopped again by Simon (green silk shirt) who scrutinized the sticker on Blair's sweater, then burst out into a loud laugh. Jim's curiosity rose as the captain slapped Blair on the shoulder, then exited the bullpen, still chortling under his breath.

Eyes crinkled with laughter and good mood, Blair again turned to Jim's desk and started towards it, this time pointing out the sticker with his free hand. Jim barely had time to read the words above the clover before Megan (long green skirt) swooped in, read the sticker and raised her eyebrows in question. Blair lifted both hands and shrugged, as if saying 'It works, doesn't it?' Megan smiled -- a rather evil smile -- which made Blair take a step back. But it was too late as Megan grabbed him and promptly did as the sticker suggested.

Jim -- and the rest of the bullpen -- laughed and catcalled as Blair's backpack thudded to the ground and Blair himself fell back against the edge of a nearby desk. His hands flailed in the air uncertainly. Megan released him a moment later, patted his cheek, and strolled out of the bullpen, a smirk playing on her lips. Hoots of appreciation followed her receding figure, but she didn't respond to them.

Still laughing, Jim just watched and shook his head as Blair (now very red of face) slowly pulled himself together after the assault.

That'll teach you to wear a sticker that says 'Kiss me, I'm cute', Chief.

- The End -