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Post-TSbyBS. This also comes after my previous TSbyBS story, Ripples.

Changes Drabbles series
by Becky
October 1999 --


"But what will you do?"

"I don't know."

Naomi's eyes softened with tears of regret. Raised hands cradled her son's face. "I'm so sorry, Blair."

Blair said simply. "You're forgiven."

An embrace, a press of mother's lips in blessing on a son's forehead, mutual assurances of love, then Naomi was gone

Blair stood, hands buried deep in jacket pockets, watching her car disappear into the late afternoon sun. An answer to Naomi's question floated into the air as he turned to re-enter the building.

"It doesn't matter what I do. Jim's safe. And we're still friends. The negotiable."


One man stood solitary watch as the sun sank beneath the horizon. He felt...out-of-balance. Introspective. Raw. Familiar voices floated upwards to him.

"But what will you do?"

His life exposed, then again protected as his partner did the only thing he could -- and in the process sabotaging his own life.

"I don't know."

Simon had given Blair the choice to be a cop. He'd said no.

"Jim's safe...still is...negotiable."

Jim closed his eyes and dipped his head. A fiercely whispered vow, witnessed only by the setting sun, hovered in the air.

"We will find a way."


A single lamp lit the loft when Blair re-entered. Hesitantly, he padded to the balcony doors and stood silently. Receding light silhouetted Jim's form as he kept watch over his city. Blair started when Jim spoke in a strained whisper.

"I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. I wrote--"

"Not that, Chief. That's..." he turned, facing him across the distance, "...forgiven. Forgotten."

"Oh. Then what--?"

"I reacted..." Words failed him. "...badly. After Alex--"

"Jim, don't," Blair interrupted. "It's forgiven. And forgotten. All of it." He stretched out a hand, palm up. "Okay?"

Jim met him halfway, clasping his hand warmly. "Okay."


Blair watched as Jim locked the balcony doors. " what?" He focused on his feet, then lifted his eyes. "I know I said no police academy, but..."

Gently, Jim interjected, "Is that what you want, Blair?"

He faltered. "No. It feels...wrong."

With a gentle hand, Jim guided him to the couch. "Time to make some plans, Chief."

"Plans?" Blair curled one leg underneath him. "What plans?"

"Plans for our partnership." Jim grinned as he sat down. "Like H said, no one's gonna tell us we can't keep you."

Moments later, the loft rang with the music of laughter.


"I said once I wanted to see you graduate." Jim's words hung in the air. "I still do."

Blair turned his head away. "I don't think that's gonna happen. The University thinks I'm a fraud. If that idiot Sid hadn't...." He sighed.

Jim rested his hand on Blair's neck under loose curls. His fingers gently massaged tense muscles as he watched his partner's profile in the semi-darkness.

"It's all...gone." Blair's voice grew husky with emotion. "Over."

Inching closer, Jim rested his head against Blair's. "I'm here."

Tears of loss and tears of healing watered the path of renewed faith.


Match light reflected off blue eyes as Jim lit the four short, white candles on the low table. He laid the burnt-out match aside, then paused, entranced by the flickering colors.

Legs curled beneath him, his eyes fixed on the dancing flames, Blair breathed deeply, savoring the subtle scent of vanilla.

Jim leaned back into the cushions. "Better?"

"Yeah." A soft smile. "Thanks." Sudden concern. "You okay? It's not too--"

A warm hand touched Blair's shoulder. "It's fine. Relaxing. Pleasant."

Silence thickened between them until Blair spoke.

"We've got a lot of talking to do, don't we?"

"Yeah, we do."