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Angie gave a challenge for the boys searching their cupboards. And since I didn't want to take the *whole* story away from someone else, I decided a drabble would be sufficient for me. ~grin~ Written up *real* fast and probably not up to par for me, but who cares? ~grin~

Cupboard Search
by Becky
April 1999

(sounds of cupboard being searched)

"I know I saw some somewhere.... Hey, Chief..."

"Hmm?" (computer keyboard clicking)

"When did we get groceries last?"

"Um ..... I went last Friday......"

"What did you buy?"

"Groceries, Jim, what do you think?"

(low chuckles) "Have you even seen what's in these cupboards, Sandburg? Like on this shelf, for example. Three bottles of ketchup. Seven cans of chili. A package of dried tomatoes dated 3 months ago. Some nameless bag of ..... achoo! achoo! ..... tea...."

"Nameless? Let me see that." (hurried footsteps) "Oh, man, I've been looking for this for weeks! Thanks!"

(long-suffering sigh) "You're welcome."

- end -