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Burton Awards 2002 Nominee

A drabble to hopefully lure back the muse. And a thank-you to Iris for the little dream symbology book.

by Becky
January 2002

Blair hopped into the truck. "So ... where to for lunch, Jim?"

Pulling away from the curb, Jim replied, "Somewhere decidedly unhealthy."

Eyebrows rose. "Decidedly?"

A grimace appeared. "I kept dreaming last night of eating vegetables. I need some grease and a good dose of sugar."

"Ah." Blair chuckled. "You know, Jim, dreaming of eating vegetables is an omen of strange luck. You--"

The police radio crackled. As the dispatcher spoke, Jim slammed the red light on the dashboard and pressed down on the gas pedal.

"You were saying, Chief?" Jim glared meaningfully across the cab.

"Uh ... nothing, nothing at all."

- end -