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Summary: Too little sleep and a disrupted evening plane trip leave Blair a little less than coherent, this time from Blair's POV. Companion to Fairy Dust: Jim. A warm fuzzy tale with a sleepy, incoherent Blair. ~grin~

For Hephaistos and roomie-dear Robyn, both of whom were in need of some JimandBlair warm fuzzies. And thanks to Robyn for putting this idea into my head.

Fairy Dust: Blair
by Becky
May 2000

Blair jerked and snuffled as the elevator ground to a halt on the third floor of the loft building. Rubbing one hand across his eyes, he forced them open enough to see where he was going, if a bit blurrily. Slowly pulling the backpack up onto his shoulder again, grunting at the seemingly way too heavy load, he yawned. And yawned again before he shook his head once and stumbled through the elevator opening, barely noticing his shoulder hitting the door.

... man's just too late to be doing this ... I'm so tired ... stupid plane ... wonder if my bags'll still be there tomorrow ... really wanted to do this ... so sleepy ...

Navigating partially by memory and partially from hitting the walls as he walked, or rather, shuffled down the hallway, Blair finally came to a stop at the loft door. And stared stupidly at the green door, squinting at it, trying to sort through the fog in his head for the next step.

... closed ... keys ... need sleep ... no, need ... need keys ... yeah ... keys ...

He patted his pockets on his jacket, his shirt, and finally found the uncomfortable lump of jingling metal in his pants pocket. Digging out the keyring, he sorted through the ring of keys, studying them until he found the right one. After a few tries, Blair jammed the key in the lock and carefully turned it as he rested his head against the door, eyes closed.

... gotta be quiet ... can't wake Jim ... got a ... thing ... needs sleep ...

Blair heard the lock click open and he released a happy sigh before pushing the door open ... slowly ... carefully ... only to be stopped rudely by something. Huh? He forced his eyes open and tried again. And again met the same resistance, this time accompanied by the soft tinkle of the chain locks.

... oh, man ...

He muttered to himself and dropped his head back on the door, banging it a few times. He was so tired. Too many stakeouts combined with too many papers to grade, a very noisy, very unsuccessful plane trip, and noisy and nosy children was making him cranky. ... little girl okay ... dancing ... shared her fairy dust ... just like Tinkerbell ... she had fairy dust ... made them fly ... fly home to bed ...

Wetting his lips, he called out softly, not caring at the whining tone that slipped into his voice. "Jiiimmm..."

From inside, he heard quiet footsteps headed towards the door and Jim's welcoming answering voice. "Just a sec, Chief. I'm coming."

The door closed and Blair shifted away to lean on the wall as the chains inside were undone. In a few moments the door opened again and Jim, in his gray robe, hair fluffed from sleeping, looking altogether too rested, stood there, watching him.

"Sorry to wake you, Jim." He went willingly as Jim pulled him inside the loft. Blair stayed where Jim put him, just absorbing the idea of being home. And being so close to his bed. He started shifting towards the room and nearly missed his partner's question.

"Where's your stuff?"

"My stuff?" ... oh, yeah ... stuff ... Blair shrugged. "Don't know. Airport, plane, Pacific Ocean, China, Never-Never Land, don't know." ... bed ... please ... Something shifted and the forgotten weight of his backpack was abruptly gone. Glancing down, he saw the dark lump sitting at his feet. ... shouldn't leave that there ... tired ... house rules ... bed ...

A hand touched his shoulder and he glanced up to Jim standing in front of him, a frown creasing his features. "Chief, what're you doing back here? You're supposed to be in San Francisco. What happened?" Jim's voice echoed to him down a long tunnel.

Huh? He squinted at Jim, trying to see past the fuzziness in his eyes. "Hmm? Oh, what happened...uh..." Giving his head another mental shake, Blair tried to find words to be somewhat coherent. ... don't want Jim to worry ... bad ... "We took off, got halfway there, then we...we turned around. Came back here. Plane was grounded. Told us all the flight was canceled, no other flights leaving until tomorrow..." Blair paused for a large yawn, then knuckled his eyes as he continued. "....Or later today, whatever, so sorry, go home, have a nice day." Another yawn struck him and he felt the world tipping slightly, making him lose his balance. ... hey ... not nice ... "Didn't wanna stay there. Took a taxi home."

He cooperated as Jim took his leather jacket away. "Why didn't you call, Blair? I could've come to get you." He sounded a little chastising to Blair's ear as Jim moved to hang the jacket up by the door.

... no ... Blair shook his head. "No. Didn't want to wake you. Knew you had a...a...thing tomorrow. Important." ... Jim? ... I woke? ... "Did I wake you? Sorry, sorry." He slumped and shook his head.

Jim's arm fell across Blair's shoulders and they moved slowly across the room to the smaller bedroom. Blair leaned heavily into him, glad for his friend's supporting presence to steady his wobbly form. ... bed ... sleep ... He was already half-asleep, dreaming of more sleep, when Jim asked another question. ... nuf talk ... sleep ...

"Did they say why they came back?"

... huh? ... why? ... oh ... "Nah. Something...technical, political, ecological, nautical, whimsical, mythical, who knows?" ... Tinkerbell ... "Maybe some air sprite or Tinkerbell or somebody told them to go back." He laughed at his own feeble joke and looked up to see a smile on Jim's face as they entered the bedroom.

"You are well and truly out of it, aren't you, Sandburg?" He left him for a moment to pull the covers down on the bed, then returned to his side and guided him to sit down on the bed.

Blair felt the goofy grin spread across his face, but didn't care. "Yep. Gone, gone, gone. Was gonna sleep on the plane. Too much bumpy stuff and babies squalling."

Jim vanished from sight, then his shoes disappeared. Jim's voice, however, stayed with him. "Well, if you would sleep regular hours like normal people, you know, like every night, maybe you wouldn't have to do this 'catching up' business."

"Normal, Jim?" Blair laughed again, hearing the sound from far away, realizing it sounded really strange. "What's normal?" He turned and flopped down on the bed. ... sleep now? ... "Do I know any normal people, Jim?"

He heard Jim laugh, then felt the bed sink a little as Jim sat beside him and pulled him back up. "Probably not. Come on, work with me here. Let's get this flannel shirt off and then you can sleep. I don't think I want to try to wrestle with any other clothes tonight."


After what seemed like forever, Jim was satisfied and Blair found himself efficiently tucked into his warm, soft, comfortable, wonderful little bed. ... have to ... He forced his eyes open as Jim finished laying the quilt over him. Shifting one hand out from under the covers, he touched Jim's hand. "Thanks, man."

Jim put his other hand over Blair's and leaned down. Soft warmth touched his forehead as Jim pressed his forehead to Blair's. His low voice rumbled in Blair's ears. "Anytime, buddy. But next time, you call. Okay?"

Finally letting his eyes closed and remained closed, Blair smiled and whispered, "'Kay." Sleep cocooned him quickly, drawing him into her welcoming arms and he relaxed with a sigh into her embrace. From a far distance, he recognized the presence of his friend pausing next to him for a moment longer, then leaving him to his sleep.

... have to tell him 'bout the dancing girl ... 'bout Tinkerbell ... 'bout fairy dust ... fairy dust to fly ... fly home ...

- The End -