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Summary: The flu bug is making its rounds at Major Crimes.

Another "A to Z" story, though this time I had to cheat just a teeny, tiny bit for one of the letters.

The Flu
by Becky
December 1999


"Bless you."

Captain Simon Banks swiped another tissue from the outstretched hand of one police observer, Blair Sandburg.

"Dank you."

Ever the diplomat, Blair withheld the grin that teased at the edges of his lips and contented himself with a tiny nod.

Fortunately for him, he'd caught the current nasty flu bug several weeks ago before everyone else and he hoped he'd be able to avoid a second round.

Granted that might be impossible with Jim sneezing on him at home and Simon and the rest of the cops sneezing on him at work, but...

Hitching himself more comfortably on the edge of Simon's desk, Blair asked, "So what did you need to see me for?"

"I wanted to get an update on your case, and Jim didn't seem too amenable to the idea."

Just remembering the glower Jim had bestowed on him upon his enthusiastic arrival at the station and the cheerful "good afternoon" greeting a few minutes ago sent a shudder down the observer's spine.

Keeping his face neutral, Blair replied, "If he feels anything like you look, Simon..."

"Laugh it up, Sandburg; I'll find a way to give this back to you yet."

"Maybe -- if Jim doesn't beat you to it since he's been threatening just that on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis."

Not hiding his amusement at the recital of Jim's threats and Blair's attempt to look suitably concerned, Simon chuckled and said, "What's the update on the case?"

Opening pleasantries finished, Blair launched into a concise but still "Sandburg-annotated" report on their case which involved finding hassled fancy restaurant owners tied, gagged, and blindfolded in their offices -- in their underwear -- with the respective restaurant drink coaster tape to their foreheads.

Possible suspects had been debated for the past week, but no solid evidence had been found to link any of them to the odd string of crimes.

Quiet descended in the office as the two pondered the facts of the case.

"Really, really bizarre" was Blair's comment, echoed by Simon's a moment later.

"Strangest case I think we've ever investigated."

"To top it all off, this is the holiday season and the owners...well..." Blair paused, then continued, "they're not happy to say the least."

"Unfortunately," Simon added, "with no fingerprints and since the owners never saw or heard anything from the perp, the likelihood of finding this guy is..."

"Very, very unlikely -- as Jim and I keep telling them," Blair finished.

Waving a hand at the door, Simon said, "Go on back to your grumpy partner before he comes looking for you and I become an ex...ex...ex...Achoo!!"

"eX-captain?" Blair teased, laughter in his voice, as he held out another tissue from the box on Simon's desk.

Yanking the tissue from Blair's hand, Simon gestured more emphatically towards the door and growled, "Get out of here, Sandbur...Aa...Aa...Aa..."

Zipping off the desk and out of the office, Blair had the door closed before the captain's sneeze rattled the windows, leaving one obnoxiously healthy observer chuckling as he strolled across the bullpen to rejoin his sick, grumpy partner.

- The End -