Sentinel Fan Fiction Page || Fanfic -- Drabbles

by Becky
February 2000

"That is really, really disgusting, Jim."

<paper shuffling> "I know. This guy is a serious nutcase."

"I'm not talking about him -- I'm talking about those greasy, drippy, artery-clogging french fries you're eating. Simon's office is gonna smell like them for the next week."

<chomp> <chew> "I'm hungry. They're good. They're cheap. ‘Nuff said." <chomp> "Besides, you're just jealous since all you've got is that Nutty Twig Bar."

"Jealous!?" <snort> "Not!"

"...just plain unnatural..."

"...deep-fried heart attack..."

"...bark can't be healthy..."

"...yeah, like those are..."

<footsteps> "Gentlemen!"



"Just what is going on in here?"

<pause> <blinks>

"French fry, sir?"

- end -