Sentinel Fan Fiction Page || Fanfic -- Holiday stories

With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

All Hallows' Eve
by Becky
October 2000

It was All Hallows' Eve and all through Cascade,
All the children were costumed and live on parade;
With baskets and masks, they roamed through the streets
In hopes that their disguises would win them lots of treats.

Scary ghosts, dainty princesses, Power Rangers, and Xena,
Brave soldiers, hairy monsters, and the occasional ballerina;
Parents follow with fond laughter as their children beam with glee,
‘Treat or Treat' rings in the air and doorbells sing in harmony.

Knocking at the door at three-oh-seven Prospect Avenue
One child exclaimed loudly, "I hear a kazoo!"
When, what to the wondering eyes of the treat-ers should appear
But a curly-haired baseball player and a tall train engineer.

"Treat or Treat," said the children in chorus as planned,
And then out came their bags in unspoken but polite demand;
Chocolate M&M's, some peanuts, and other yummy candy
Disappeared into bags before someone yelled "Sandy".

Peering round the door, childish eyes took in the sight
Of a tall, long-haired woman dressed up as a sprite;
The engineer chuckled and bade the children farewell
As they scampered away to test another doorbell.

Down the hallway they flew with candy their treasure,
To be eaten and enjoyed for weeks of tasty pleasure;
Thunder roared in the staircase as little feet ran,
Nearly flattening the lone passerby, a tall black gambling man

Continuing their rampage of gathering sweets and spreading joy
Every child inspired a smile, every little girl and little boy
And their laughter rang high and echoed so bright,
"Happy Halloween to All and to All a Safe Night."

- end -