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A "double" drabble (meaning 200 words) for Robyn because she needed a pick-me-up.

Home is
a "double" drabble
by Becky
July 2000

Exhausted from the long early morning drive back into Cascade, Jim fought to keep his eyes open as he shuffled down the hallway. One more step...there's no place like home... Keys. Half a pause.

Wonder if Blair did his "I'm gonna party, man!" threat last night. Guess I'm about to find out.

Key in door. Unlock. No chain. Good sign. Door open. Step inside. Door closed. Warm morning sunlight streamed through the balcony doors. Eyes closed. A breath in. A breath out. Ahh...home...home is...home is...huh? Perfume? Eyes popped back open to stare at the couch in fond bemusement.

Pillow clutched to his t-shirt-covered chest, one sleeping anthropologist lay sprawled on the cushions, the familiar red afghan half-draped over him. Chuckling, Jim moved across the room quietly, intent on getting his friend settled into his proper bed before sacking out himself. However, a note on the stack of rented movies caught his attention.

Had to go. My shift starts at 8.
Call me.

Jim ruffled the curls peeking out from beneath the afghan. "Did the good Inspector wear you out, Chief?"

A soft moan, then "Jimmm?" One sleepy blue eye squinted at him. "Home?"

"Yeah. Home."

- end -