Sentinel Fan Fiction Page || Fanfic -- Smarm

I had the overwhelming urge to write some smarm, so here's a very short, genuine PWP smarm piece for everyone who's cold right now. And yes, this is a Random Smarm Attack (with apologies to Kitty and Martha). RSA alert, RSA alert... ~grin~

An Embrace Without Walls
by Robyn
January 1999

Fingers wrapped around a mug of whip cream-topped hot chocolate, Blair leaned his head against his tall partner's t-shirt covered chest and snuggled more closely to Jim on their blue couch within the quietly lighted living area. He smiled, sighing softly to himself as he closed his eyes in contentment. A late night rain storm pattered on the loft's balcony windows, playing a soothing counter-melody to the warm fire crackling in the wood stove. Finally, I'm starting to get warm, he thought, remembering how their Sunday evening bike ride down to the park running along the edge of the bay had been abruptly interrupted by a downpour of near-freezing rain. Even after the change into dry clothes, the younger man had still felt very cold from the drenching and was eternally grateful to his bigger friend for making him the hot drink and not minding his snuggling. Eyes still closed, Blair wiggled his toes inside his thick dry socks. If I could use one word to describe myself right now, he mused... it would be "lucky." Yeah -- lucky.

Jim's arm lay across the back of the couch, gently wrapped around his friend's shoulder. Only moments ago, he'd finally felt Blair stop shivering. Granted, the shivering would probably have been passed off as inconsequential by any other person, but he had felt it. Jim let his eyes fall shut as well, hearing his partner's slow breathing and feeling his chest rise and fall, pressed against his own. He found it odd that he didn't feel the urge to turn on the TV or even the stereo. At that moment, any extraneous noises seemed highly unnecessary, even unwanted. All he wanted right now was to be close to his friend, just where Blair needed him. Just where he needed Blair.

It pleased him.

Inclining his head slightly, the sentinel looked down fondly at his guide, inhaling the unique scent of Blair's damp hair with the familiar trace of herbal shampoo. The guide felt his friend's small movement, and Blair opened his eyes, looking up toward Jim's face. Their eyes met, speaking silently to each other of contentment, friendship -- of love. Jim squeezed Blair's shoulder, pulling him just a little closer as they exchanged smiles. Blair huddled more closely. He felt Jim lean down, brushing a soft kiss on his head.

Then, impulsively, Blair turned himself to face Jim, wrapping his arms around Jim's shoulders and upper chest. Jim chuckled, reaching around with both of his arms to hug Blair back. The younger man pressed his face against Jim's neck, reaching up with one hand to slowly and lightly stroke the taller man's head. Blair felt his friend's strong hands embrace him, moving to rub his back in slow circles as Jim's face pressed lightly against his head. For a few moments, they just held each other, not saying anything, just enjoying the moment of gentle physical contact -- an eternal moment without walls.

After awhile, they released each other, easily slipping back into their previous positions on the couch, sitting side by side.

Jim chuckled again. "What was that for, Blair?" he asked quietly.

Blair grinned one of his wonderful smiles, the kind that always melted the sentinel's heart. "I don't know, man -- I guess it was just -- a hug for the sake of hugging." Then his face clouded a little, wondering if Jim had thought the action too strange. "I --" he began to stammer.

"-- think maybe we could try that more often," Jim finished softly, meeting Blair's eyes and returning a big warm smile of his own. "I kinda liked it." He squeezed his partner's shoulder again, communicating the genuineness of his reassuring words as Blair leaned his head back against Jim's chest again.

A random spark in the stove crackled and popped, and Blair took another sip of his hot chocolate silently.

"There was one good thing about getting drenched out there, Jim," he said after a few minutes of silence.

"You mean the fact that I didn't have to lose to you again in a bike race down the beach?" Jim teased.

"No, man," Blair chuckled.

They sat in silence for another few moments, soaking up the warmth of the stove and each other.

Jim finally spoke again, his voice low and soft. "What was the one good thing about getting drenched, Chief? I thought you hated getting cold."

Blair smiled as he looked up at his partner. "Getting warm again."

~ The End ~