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Summary: Jim has a hard time sleeping.

In trying to coax my rather annoyingly uncooperative muse to return (anyone know any good bait?), I've written this short, little ditty to keep the fingers agile. Enjoy.

A Good Night's Rest
by Becky
September 1998


Eyelids drifting shut, Jim sighed, relaxing slowly into the pillows, a smile curving up the edges of his lips. At last he could sleep, knowing he wouldn't have to be anywhere in particular the next morning. Unless something came up, which Jim sincerely hoped it wouldn't. Shoving those thoughts aside, he shifted slightly, bunching the pillow up more comfortably under his head.

The week had been long and tiring. Chasing leads - and the occasional suspect - from one end of the city to the other. Arguing with the station mechanic about the damage to his truck that occurred during a late night stakeout early in the week. Avoiding the feds who'd interfered with his case in mid-week. Leading an investigation that led to a bust that morning which had left him with a few bruises and some aching muscles from the foot-chase through the train yards.

Why do they always choose train yards? Is there something about them that just calls to them 'Hide here'?

Mentally shaking his head, Jim concentrated on relaxing the last few tense muscles in his body, looking forward to a full night's rest. As he shifted once more to lay on his good shoulder, the now nearly unnoticeable trace smell of liniment drifted around him, reminding him yet again to thank his partner for giving his sore shoulder the rubdown it needed.

Don't think I would've slept otherwise, considering how stiff it was. Maybe I'll treat him to supper sometime next week when it's his night to cook or something....

Those last few thoughts going through his mind, Jim began to float away, carried by the wings of sleep into --


Eyelids flew open in startlement. What the ...? Muscles tensed, then relaxed. He waited, listening.


Deciding it had been a fluke, Jim sighed and closed his eyes, pulling the comforter over his shoulder a little more securely. Below him he heard - or is it felt? - Blair shift in his sleep, muttering a little, then falling back into a deeper rest.

Good. He needs it as much as I do. Maybe more. Now, where was I--


It was louder this time. Loud enough to send Jim to a sitting position, the comforter and sheets dropping to puddle around his waist. He narrowed his eyes, extending his senses just a little, trying to pinpoint the offensive noise. When he didn't hear anything, he started to lay back down again --


Jim winced, rapidly dialing down his hearing - or at least trying to - even as the echo of the low bass noise rang in his ears. Growling, he threw back the covers and moved to get out of bed. Bare feet hit the cold floor with a soft slap even as Jim reached for his gray robe at the bottom of the bed. Shrugging into the robe and leaving it unbelted, he descended the stairs, muttering softly under his breath about various felines and their obscenely annoying attraction to his life.

Why me? Why not Sandburg?

He glanced at his loftmate's room on his way to the kitchen, hearing the slow breathing and steady heartbeat indicative of a sound sleeper.


No reaction from the younger man in the slightest. Jim made a face as he found what he needed on the counter. No, of course no reaction. He sleeps through everything. He shook his head fondly, then turned back to the balcony.

Yanking open the balcony doors, he glared at the large, fat, orange-striped offender sitting on the balcony floor. Reminds me of Garfield. "Don't you have somewhere else to be? Maybe with whomever bought you that jeweled collar?" He waved one hand at it. "Get! Shoo, you overstuffed hairball!"

The cat just stared back at him balefully, licking one paw before opening his mouth in a wide, unimpressed, very bored yawn that ended - again - in that horrific noise.


Gritting his teeth, Jim said, "Fine. Have it your way." With a quick flick of his wrist, Jim threw the ice-cold contents of a large water glass across the balcony, drenching his unwanted visitor.

Hissing and spitting its displeasure, the cat yowled once more - this time in high-pitched, affronted disgust - before dashing toward the fire escape ladder and making its way down with a speed belying its large size.

Jim grunted, a low chuckle rumbling in his chest. "I did warn you."

Five minutes later, once again ensconced in his bed, roommate still obliviously asleep below him, Jim sighed, closing his eyes, seeing the promised sleep beckoning to him just beyond sight. With no dangerous cases pending or threats from suspects hanging over his head, his dreams would be restful as well, promising even a better night's sleep. After a good night's rest, he'd be ready to tackle all the bad guys again.

Well, after that and a quiet weekend. Maybe he and Blair would have time to do a little one-on-one basketball or something like that. Something fun. Something relaxing. Something --


In the smaller room below the overhead loft bedroom, Blair turned over in his sleep, snuffling softly, never hearing the aggravated scream, muffled as it was by a thick pillow.

- The End -

Note: Just so you know, I love cats and wish dearly that I had one. I just don't get along with the ones that like to keep me awake by yowling outside my window at night.... ~grin~