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Noggin' Rubbin'
by Becky
April 2000

"Why does he do that?"

Brown paused in the doorway next to Megan and followed her gaze to Ellison's desk where Ellison and Sandburg were involved in the familiar hair-tousling-and-return-swat ritual.

Brown asked, "That?"

She nodded. "Yes. That."

"That is the Patent Ellison Noggin' Rubbin'."

Megan's eyes widened. "The what?"

Brown chuckled. "It's just their thing. We used to think it was for luck, but with their kinda luck..."

"Let's go, Conner." Jim rubbed his hands together as he and Blair headed towards the elevator. "I'm feeling lucky."

Brown choked down a laugh as Megan whispered in response.

"Oh, dear..."

- end -