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Dedicated to those lovely people on CascadeTimes -- told you I needed to write something with a "hospital hug" in it. Yeah, I know, it's only a drabble, but something is better than nothing.

No Words
by Becky
July 1999

A breath in, a breath out. Gentle thrum of a heartbeat. Skin warm under his hand. Familiar bitter tang of "hospital" in the air.

Eyelids rose and slivers of blue lit the stark room. Parted lips formed his name in a soundless voice. Gently touching fingers on those lips, he moved his hand upward to stroke fingertips across a furrowed brow. Then he drew his friend upwards into his arms, slowly, carefully, tenderly, softly.

His friend's heart beat against his own. His breath wafted across his friend's head. A smile. A sigh. An embrace of love and friendship and life.

"Friendship needs no words."
-- Dag Hammarskjold

- end -