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Summary: Blair reveals a new talent.

Wake-up Call a la Blair
by Robyn
February 1998

The light of false dawn had just crept up on Cascade when keys jingled and the loft front door clicked open. Jim had been on stake-out all night and the only thing he wanted was to collapse onto his bed and get some shut-eye. After being awake for over 20 hours, his mind had finally slid into a semi-fogged state when it realized that it no longer had to be fully alert for a few hours, and Jim's hyper-acute senses had followed suit. It took Jim a couple seconds to realize that the shower water was going as he entered the loft and pulled off his jacket.

"Ohhhhhh sooooo-la mi-aaaaaaaaaaaa. . . ."

Jim wrinkled his face and squinted as he always did when his senses were unexpectedly assaulted. Another squint at the kitchen clock confirmed his previous understanding that it was only 4 a.m. As the voice continued its early morning aria, Jim glanced over at Blair's bedroom. The light was on, but the room was unoccupied.

The voice from the bathroom cleared its throat a couple times and then launched into song again. "La do-na mo-bi-le. . . ."

Jim stood haplessly in the middle of the loft, his sleepy mind struggling to sort through the possibilities. Sandburg's been replaced by Placido Domingo? Brackett's broken out of jail and taken opera lessons? I'm having auditory hallucinations? This is some cruel torture by the gods?

The shower knob squeaked as it turned off and a billow of steam preceded the singer as the bathroom door swung open. Somewhere in the midst of the steam emerged what appeared to be a younger man, one towel around the waist and another vigorously drying a bunch of long brown curls. He was conveniently facing away from Jim and humming to himself as he dried his hair. Suddenly the boy grabbed his brush and brought it up to his mouth in a dramatic and grandiose fashion as he proceeded to launch into a final climactic refrain, at the same time gesturing vigorously with his towel.

"Ohhhhh sooo-la mi--- Aaaaack!" Blair exclaimed as he whirled around and backed into the nearest wall. "Oh, hey Jim! I didn't expect you to be home until 5 a.m.! Man, I am so sorry if I kept you from sleeping! I didn't realize..."

An amused smile turned up one corner of Jim's lips. "No apologies needed, Placido, although I was under the impression that you were Jewish, not Italian. Next time I'll remember not to come home before your practice time is up."

Jim then had to duck as a damp towel left the curly mop of hair and came flying through the air in his direction.

~ The End ~