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The Sentinel/One West Waikiki crossovers
Last updated March 18, 2000

Dose of Confusion, Murder on the Side -- While attending a drug conference in Hawaii, Jim, Blair, and Simon meet up with Mack and Holli and become embroiled in a homicide case.
    Part One (37K)
    Part Two (46K)
    Part Three (41K)

7/04 -- Dose... was been nominated in the Crossover Awards.

Dash of Conspiracy, Enemies on All Sides -- A dangerous and lethal new drug has found its way into Cascade. Major Crimes' best team (aka Jim, Blair, and Megan) is on the case. Along the way, they get some unexpected assistance from Mack and Holli who come to Cascade for Holli to speak at a conference. Meanwhile, Jim is having some disturbing dreams and Blair hopes to figure out what they mean with some help from a dream interpretation course. (Sequel to Dose of Confusion...)
    Part One (43K) 
    Part Two (44K) 
    Part Three (47K) 
    Part Four (46K) 
    Part Five (46K) 
    Part Six (50K) 
    Part Seven (49K)
    Part Eight (42K)

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