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Summary: Upon returning from a camping trip, a huge rainstorm delays Jim and Blair. Could be considered a lead-in to the Traffic Jam mini-series.

Senfic Alphabet Challenge Response
by Becky
March 1998

"All settled, Chief?" Blair nodded at Jim, shoving his damp hair back with the towel as he dried it. Finally, warm again. I really hate rain. And what a ridiculous end to a camping trip. Where did this rain come from anyway?

Baggage was stacked on one side of the hotel room where the two men would be staying the night. They had been camping this weekend and had been on their way home when the storm hit hard. Not wanting to drive in the nasty weather, they decided to wait it out at the hotel instead. They would get home tomorrow late morning sometime.

Crossing the room, Blair sat on the bed opposite the table where Jim was seated in one of the chairs. Shivering slightly, even after the quick hot shower, Blair motioned toward the cellphone. "Think you can get through to Simon on that?"

"Doubt it." Jim shook his head. "I bet all the lines are down from here to Cascade. Simon will figure it out, don't worry. For now, we're stuck here. And not going too far until tomorrow. So if you want anything, speak up now before it gets too much worse outside."

Eyeing the room and the packs on the floor, Blair pondered the question for maybe two seconds, then turned back to Jim with an answer.

"Food, Jim. That's what I want. I'm starved. And we don't have anything left in our packs that's gonna get us very far."

Groaning, Jim closed his eyes. "You're right. And this hotel doesn't exactly have room service. Okay, I'll run back out to that deli we passed and pick up a couple of sandwiches. You stay here. I know you're cold still and I don't want you catching the flu. If you did, I'd get it and then we'd both be miserable." Blair laughed, knowing the truth of that statement. He watched as Jim yanked back on his boots and jacket, then grabbed his wallet and headed toward the door. Blair stood, touching Jim's arm.

"Hey, Jim, we need a password for you to use when you get back." Jim just raised an incredulous eyebrow, opening his mouth to protest, but Blair went on quickly before Jim could say anything. "Who knows what kind of people are wandering around out there?" Jim rolled his eyes, sighing. Blair paused a moment, then snapped his fingers.

"I know exactly what word we can use, Jim. No one would ever guess it." He reached up and pulled Jim's head down, whispering something in his ear. Then he leaned back, a hopeful look on his face.

Jim scowled at him, "Blair, we don't need ...."

Keeping his eyes clean of all amusement, Blair let his eyes go soft and pleading, knowing without a doubt that Jim couldn't resist, that his 'Blessed Protector' switch would kick in if he really thought Blair was worried. And, of course, he was right. Jim growled, "Fine," then headed for the door, Blair following.

"Lock the door, Chief." Blair nodded and obediently locked the door after Jim had left. He finally let the small grin grace his features, but kept his amused laughter inside, knowing that Jim was probably still listening to him. Now what to do? The answer came quickly since he didn't have a book to read and he was sure there was nothing on the television to watch.

Moments later, he was sitting cross-legged on one of the beds, eyes closed, imagining his 'earth music' in his head, letting it lull him into a state of rest.

Nothing could disturb him in his place of solitude, not even the threat of Jim finding out that he wasn't as worried about someone getting into the room as he pretended to be. A whisper of a smile slipped onto his face.

Oh, man, is he ever gonna get me for making him use that password.

Pausing a moment, he considered not making Jim use it, but then shook his head. Nah. Gotta have some fun now that it's pouring outside. Taking another deep breath, he dispelled the remnants of those thoughts from his mind and settled into a rhythm of breathing that took him far beyond his present state, stilling the last bit of shivering of his body.

Quiet peace soared around the room, only the pounding of rain and roaring of wind echoing in the silence. He didn't know how long he sat there, time losing meaning and form as he meditated.

Rapping at the door broke into the silence, startled him, making him jump. He called out as he stood and walked to the door, "Who is it?"

"Sandburg, it's me, Jim. Open up."

Tapping his fingers against the wall, smiling in relief, Blair shot back, "Not without the password. You could be anybody out there."

"Unlock this door! Now!"

Vehement was the word that came to Blair's mind to describe Jim's voice. Vehement and sounding very wet.

"What's the password?" Silence and a low muttering voice were his only answers for a long moment. Blair waited patiently. Then finally Jim growled out.

"Xylophone." Blair grinned in triumph, then unchained and unbolted the door. He pulled it open and stepped out of the way for Jim to enter the hotel room. He watched as Jim reclosed the door and set the two small bags of food on the table. Then Jim turned to him, blue eyes somewhere between amused and annoyed. Water dripped off of him in rivulets to pool on the floor around his feet.

"You are going to get it, Sandburg." Jim stalked toward him, hands outstretched to tickle.

Zephyr winds had nothing on Blair as he squealed and ran for the bathroom, Jim chasing after him, promising revenge.

- The End -