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Burton Awards 2000 Nominee Burton Awards 2001 Winner

Power Outtage
part of the Disaster Drabbles series
by Robyn
March 2000


"Yes, Chief?"

"It's dark."

"Yep. Blackout, I guess."

"Stop reading the newspaper, man."


"Because I can't read my book. It's not fair."

"Want me to get the flashlight for you?"

"Nah. I think we should light candles. Lots and lots of them. Scented ones. Yeah -- vanilla, blueberry, rain..."

"No way you're turning this place into a fire hazard."

"We could put them everywhere -- Rose! Chocolate! Seabreeze…!"

"Why don't you just activate a bug bomb!?!"



"What now?"

"Will you hold my hand?"

<crinkling of newspaper>

"Hey – where're you going?"

"I'm getting you a flashlight."

- end -