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Summary: Simon needs a favor - from Blair.

Another idea from Robyn that she told me to write. ~grin~

The Request
by Becky
November 1997

Simon hung his coat on the rack, then stepped around his desk, relaxing into his chair with a deep exhalation. It was late afternoon and he'd just spent the better half of the day in court. He'd much rather go home, but there were always things that needed to be done at the station. With a sigh, he sat forward, then pulled open a drawer to find a cigar. Succeeding in that, he was preparing to light it when Rhonda poked her head in.

"Sir? Here's the mail for the day." She stepped over to his desk and laid the stack on his blotter. She tapped the top sheet. "This one must have gotten lost in the interoffice mail. The deadline is in three days."

Simon straightened, yanking up the paper. "What?" He didn't notice Rhonda quietly backing out of his office and shutting the door as he started reading, mumbling to himself. "Memo to all departments ... interagency connection by use of the internet ... departmental webpages ... pertinent information on all officers ... shell must in place by ..." His jaw tightened, nearly snapping the cigar in two. "But that's in three days!"

He dropped the paper and rubbed his forehead. "Why me? Who am I going to find on such a short notice?" He looked out across the bullpen through his blinds. Who do I know that knows about webpages? Well, aside of Daryl. I certainly can't ask him to do it. His eyes landed on Jim's desk, where Blair sat perched on one corner, hands moving rapidly as he talked. Both were smiling and laughing at whatever tall tale Blair was spinning.

Wait, wait, wait. Didn't Sandburg mention the other day that he set up and maintains the webpage for the Anthropology Department at Rainier? A smile crept across Simon's face, a particularly evil smile. Perfect.


Blair swung his feet slightly, tapping his heels against the lower drawers of Jim's desk as he watched his partner laugh. He grinned. "See, I told you it was funny. You gotta have better trust in me, Jim."

Jim shook his head, still chuckling as he typed something into the computer. "Not with your kind of humor, Chief, though I admit that one was good. I'm just never quite sure with you."

Blair smacked Jim lightly on the arm. "Hey, watch it. I do not tell bad jokes. Now you on the other hand..."

Jim swivelled and pointed a finger at him, but whatever he was planning to say was lost as Simon's voice cut across the room. "Sandburg!"

Blair jumped, turning his head to look at Simon's office. "Uh, yeah, Simon, I mean, Captain?"

Simon smiled, gesturing him over. "Could I see you for a moment, in my office?"

"Uh, sure." He hopped off the desk, heading over to where Simon stood.

Simon put an arm around Blair's shoulders, drawing him toward the open office door. "Blair, my boy." Blair's eyes went wide and he shot a semi-horrified glance at Jim, who only shrugged, a perplexed look on his face as the door swung closed.


Simon motioned Blair to a seat, then turned to his coffee maker at the back of the office. He poured two cups of coffee, talking as he did. "So, Blair, how's your day been?"

Blair blinked, stammering out, "Uh, fine, Captain."

"Good, good. Here, try this, it's fresh hazelnut."

"Sure, thanks." He watched with some trepidation as Simon sat himself on the edge of his desk. He sipped at the hot coffee, playing idly with the mug handle, eyeing Simon from beneath the cover of his hair. The man is still smiling like he knows something or he's hiding something. What is going on here?

Finally Simon spoke up. "So, Sandburg, you know a lot about the internet, right? Jim tells me that you surf quite often, sometimes for information for the cases." Blair nodded silently. Simon went on, "And you set up the Anthropology webpage at the University, correct?"

Blair shifted in his chair. "Yeah, I did. You seen it?"

"No, I just remember you mentioning it earlier and wanted to make sure I heard right." He reached back and snagged a piece of paper, then handed it to Blair.

Blair scanned it quickly, nodding. "Yeah, I've seen the pages for the other departments. I was beginning to wonder where Major Crimes' page was."

"You knew about this."

"Uh, yeah, news gets around. So, when is the page for Major Crimes going up?"

Simon fidgeted, moving the still unlit cigar around in his mouth, then cleared his throat. "I don't know. That depends on whether or not I can find someone to do one."

Blair nearly choked on a swallow of coffee, then laughed. "You mean you haven't started one yet? Oh, man."

Simon glared, angrily yanking the cigar from his mouth. "The memo got lost in the mail. I only got it today." He took a breath, then said in a mostly calm voice, "So, what do you think?"

Blair looked at him innocently, biting the inside of his cheek as he worked to not laugh again. "About what?"

Simon shifted again, then ground out, "Can you put together a page in three days?"

"I must be dreaming. Are you asking me for a favor, Simon?"

With a growl, Simon snatched the memo out of Blair's hands. "Never mind. I'll find someone else. Out!"

Setting aside the coffee mug, Blair quickly stood up and raised both hands in conciliation. "Wait, wait, wait, Simon, man, I'm sorry. I was joking. Just . . . calm down, all right?"

Simon didn't say anything for a moment, then grunted and shook out his head. "Whatever. To answer your question, yes, Sandburg, I'm asking you for a favor. Can you do it?"

Taking back the paper from Simon, Blair pursed his lips as he fingered the memo, deep in thought. Three days. Can I do this in three days? Considering my classes and Jim's cases and all that? Finally he nodded to himself, then raised his eyes to meet Simon's. "Yeah, I think so. What did you have in mind?"


When Simon's door finally opened again, Jim looked up from the reports on his desk to see Blair walking toward him, an oddly suppressed smile on his face. He raised an eyebrow in return, but waited until the younger man perched himself on the edge of the desk again before voicing his question.

"So, you seem to be in one piece still. What did Simon want with you?"

The corners of Blair's mouth twitched and Jim could easily tell that Blair was struggling to maintain his composure. Just what went on in Simon's office? Over Blair's shoulder, he could Simon at his desk, looking through the day's mail. After another moment or two, Blair cleared his throat and replied, "Simon wanted my help on something."

Jim shifted and sat back in his chair, motioning with a pencil for him to continue. "On what?"

Blair's eyes crinkled. "On the departmental webpage, man. He needs it done in like three days and he hasn't even got anyone working on it yet. So, he asked me to do it, as a favor."

Huh? "A webpage? We're supposed to have a webpage?"

Blair rolled his eyes. "Oh, man, Jim, you can't tell me you didn't know. The staff's been buzzing about it for the past two weeks."

Jim looked back at his computer monitor, punching a few keys. "Yeah, well, I've been busy, Sandburg, you know that and it's not like I listen to gossip over the coffee machine in the morning."

Blair just chuckled, waving the thought away. "Yeah, whatever. Anyway, Simon wants me to get started on this right away, so I sorta need to use a computer that has an internet connection so I can check what the other departments are doing . . ."

Jim's hand hovered over the keyboard for a moment before he turned back to look at Blair. "Why do I get the feeling that I don't want to know where this is going?"

Blair raised both hands defensively. "Hey, look, Simon told me to use your computer, that then I wouldn't have to mess with security access and all that."

Jim glared at him. "And just what am I supposed to be doing while you're using on my computer?"

"Simon mentioned something about the Malarsky case...?"

What?!? "The Malarsky case! Do I look like I want to sit around reading a bunch of dusty years-old case folders?"

Blair grinned slightly. "I didn't suggest it, Simon did. Don't shoot the messenger."

Muttering and shaking his head, Jim stabbed at the keyboard. "The Malarsky case. Fine. Let me finish this and I'll get out of your way, oh great webpage builder."

Blair laughed at the comment and slapped Jim on the shoulder. "You'll be fine, Jim. Just don't sneeze too much."

Jim only grunted. "Thanks. I'm touched." Great, just great.


An hour later, Jim had yet another sneezing fit in reaction to the piles of dusty folders scattered across the table in front of him in the basement file storage room. He grumbled and shoved a stack of folders aside as he glared up at the ceiling, as if he could see Blair happily typing and humming away eight floors above him.

You're gonna pay for this, Sandburg, you and Simon both. Just you wait.

He sighed and reached for another folder, pulling it over to look at it. He rubbed his forehead and opened the front cover of the thick folder. A puff of dust rose to fill his vision.


- The End -