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The Great Sock War
by Becky
December 1998

"You're matching the socks wrong, Chief."

"Jim, they're all white."

"But you're putting old socks with new ones."

"And how...? No, never mind, forget I asked."

(chuckling) "Just trying to be helpful."

(muttering) "'Helpful.' 'Helpful', he says. I got your 'helpful' for you."

(sound of basketful of socks being dumped on someone's head)


(laughter) "Oops. Must've slipped. Sorry."

"You little pipsqueak...."

<<thump>> (balled-up sock hitting a wall)

"Missed me!"

<<thump - thump>>

"Missed me again! Someone needs more target--"


(laughter) "Nah. I'm just warming up, Sandburg. Take this!"


"This is war, Ellison!"


<<thwack - thump - thwack>>

<<thwack - thwack>>

- end -