Sentinel Fan Fiction Page || Fanfic -- Drabbles

Possible spoilers for Love and Guns; sorta an epilogue.

by Becky
February 1999

Dried tears on his face, robe hanging loose on his frame, Blair stood at the balcony windows, watching the rain fall, oblivious to the passing minutes.

A hand touched his back. "Chief? You okay?"

Too tired to be startled, Blair only shrugged.

Hand still warm on Blair's back, Jim whispered, "I'm sorry about...Maya. I never thought--"

Blair met Jim's eyes in the reflection on the water-streaked glass. "--Never thought I would fall in love with her. I know. Neither did I."

Silence fell. Jim moved a little closer, his other hand going up to clasp Blair's shoulder. "I'm sorry."

- end -