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Summary: A nice quiet breakfast - with a small twist.

Robyn and I saw the item mentioned in this little bit of story at Lechter's the other day when we were hunting down popsicle makers. I couldn't resist using the idea of it in something. ~grin~

Toasted Grin
by Becky
August 1999

Gray robe hanging loose and untied over his frame, Jim padded down the stairs in sock-and-slipper-covered feet, yawning a bit as he did. Following his nose -- and not so incidentally his growling stomach -- he wandered toward the kitchen area. His eyes remained in their pleasantly happy half-shuttered state, relying on memory to guide him around familiar obstacles. On the Saturday morning following a very long, very tiring, very unrewarding three-day stakeout, it was all anyone could expect of him.

"Have a seat, Jim. Breakfast's almost ready."

He yawned again and nodded mutely at that voice in reply. Stopping at the table, he sat down in the pulled-out chair, rubbing one hand over his face, trying to decide whether he even wanted to be awake and eat. His stomach growled again and overrode any thought of stumbling back up the stairs. The rich scent of coffee drifted up to meet him just moments before a mug plopped onto the table. Squinting upwards, he saw his overly awake, way-too-cheerful, and already-dressed roommate grinning at him.

"Morning, Jim."

"Morning." He wrapped one hand around the mug and lifted it, taking a few swallows of the dark brew. Ah, perfect. "What're you doing up so early? Figured you'd be zonked out till noon."

"I am making breakfast." Blair turned back to the kitchen island, then came back with several plates, distributing them around the table, which, the detective finally noticed, was already set with silverware, napkins, water, and juice. "And for your information, Detective Ellison, it is nearly noon."

"It is?"


"Oh." Jim eyed the abundance of food on the table. Good-sized omelets and those healthy breakfast links Blair liked, which, Jim had to admit, were pretty good. He looked up, staring at his partner suspiciously. "What'd you do?"

Blair laughed and walked back over to the kitchen island to grab two more plates. "I didn't do anything, Jim. It's food. Good food. Food I know you want. And much better than that junk," he shivered dramatically as he placed the last two plates on the table, "we've been eating lately. Talk about unhealthy. Be glad I didn't just make you an algae shake." He sat down on the opposite side of the table, picking up his own mug of coffee to take a few sips.

Jim did a shiver of his own. "Ugh. Don't even talk about doing that."

Eyes glittering with amusement, Blair waved at the food. "Dig in."

Picking up a fork, Jim started cutting into the omelet. "What'd you put in these? Or do I want to know?"

"Nothing you haven't had before, Jim. Quit being such a scaredy cat and eat!" Blair took a healthy bite of his own omelet. "What do you think I'm gonna do? Feed you something new and unidentified?"

Jim grunted and rolling his eyes. "Let's not go there, okay?" He took a bite of the omelet and smiled, the subtleties of the various tastes inside breaking across his taste buds. Taking another bite, he spoke around it, his stomach waking up a bit more at the promise of food. "This is good. Thanks, Chief."

"You're welcome."

Silence settled between them for a few minutes as each man devoted himself to devouring the hot, home-cooked (for the first time in three days) food. Minutes passed.

Then Jim reached for a piece of toast. And stopped, staring with bewilderment at the bread.

"Sandburg, why is my toast smiling at me?"

Blair, fortunately between bites, started to chuckle. Jim just stared at him, waiting for an explanation. Clearing his throat, Blair shoved away most of the laughter. "One of my students gave it to me. She is such a clown in class sometimes, cracks us all up. I helped her with her most recent paper since she was struggling a little. To thank me, she got me this thing you use on bread to put the smiley face design on it before you toast it."

Jim looked from Blair to the toast and back again. "She got you a what?"

More laughter sneaking into his voice again, Blair went on. "Well, it's not like she's supposed to be getting her teachers gifts, but she's having a hard time and wanted to thank me. So she got something to make me laugh." He picked up a piece of toast to admire the smiley face. "It's not a big thing. And it's not like it changes what the toast tastes like." He bit into it, trying to grin and chew at the same time.

Jim eyed the toast again and sighed. Finally, he pulled off a corner of the toast and popped it into his mouth. "This better not become a common thing, Chief."

"Nah. We're usually in too much of a hurry to get going." He paused, studying his toast before taking another bite. "I wonder how Simon would react."

Jim chuckled and reached for his coffee. "Just make sure I'm there to see it."


- The End -