Sentinel Fan Fiction Page || Fanfic -- Drabbles

part of the Disaster Drabbles series
by Robyn
March 2000



"You feel that?"

"Which one?"

"What do you mean 'which one'?"

"We've been having them all day. No big deal."

"We've been having earthquakes ALL DAY?"

"Cascade's on a fault. I just tune out the tremors."

"Cool... Jim?"


"Do we have an earthquake survival kit?"

"Bottom cupboard next to the fridge."

"No, I mean here, at your desk."

"There's food and water for one in a box under here."

"But there's two of us. We'd have to share."

"I guess -- unless..."


"The captain's got two."

"He does?" <gets up> "Hey Simon! If we have an earthquake..."

- end -