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Summary: Early morning call of friendship.

Dedicated to my CascadeTimes listsibs in a "thank-you" for voting me best smarm writer. I'm still blushing. Hopefully this will fulfill some of those "warm fuzzy" needs.

Beta'ed by Robyn.

We Seek...
by Becky
September 2000

~We seek the comfort of another.~

~swish~ ~sniffle-sniffle-sniffle~ ~swish~ ~sniffle-sniffle-sniffle~ ~swish-thwip~

"Oh, man..." ~sniffle~

His eyes blinking open slowly, Jim creased his forehead at the quiet, congested voice below him. He rolled to one side and stretched out a hand to snag his watch from the beside table. Too lazy to ‘turn up' his own vision, he thumbed the light switch on the watch face and blinked again as the display lit briefly.

3:14 a.m.

~sniffle-sniffle-sniffle~ "Man..."

Pushing away the comforter, Jim forced his tired body upwards and swung his legs over the side of the mattress. He rubbed both hands over his face, digging the heels of his hands into his eyes. Holding his eyes open wide, he ran a hand over his head, further mussing his hair, but not caring. He stood, muscles protesting the movement and reminding him that his youth where five hours of sleep was enough was long behind him. Jim slipped on his robe but didn't bother to tie it as he headed down the stairs, half leaning on the bannister. A yawn snuck up on him and he shook it away half-finished before saying, "Chief? What're you doing up?"

~sniffle-sniffle-sniff...~ "Jim?" Two bleary, unhappy eyes peered at him from within a cloud of curls and above a red nose. "I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"

~Someone to shape and share the life we choose.~

Jim waved it away as he approached the couch where Blair had apparently ensconced himself, lit only by the table lamp at his side. The red afghan from the back of the couch along with the coverlet from Blair's bed was tucked around him, cocooning him in swaths of fabric. An empty tissue box rested on the pillow next to him and the bathroom wastebasket, overflowing with used tissues, sat on the floor next to him. Jim shook his head. "Let me guess. The Rainier bug finally caught you."

Making a face, Blair wiped at his nose again. "Yeah. It's more annoying than anything else." ~sniffle-sniffle~

Resting the back of his hand on Blair's forehead briefly, Jim pursed his lips. "Maybe just a degree or two above normal. Have you taken anything?"

Blair nodded and leaned his head back on the cushions. "Yeah. Not working yet." ~sniffle-sniffle~ "And I can't breathe when I'm lying down, so..." He gestured around him. His eyes fell on the empty tissue box and he sighed mournfully. "But I'm out of tissues." Swatting the box aside, Blair shifted to get up.

Quickly pressing one hand on Blair's shoulder, Jim held the sick man in place. "I'll get another box. Just stay put. No need to disturb your...nest." He walked away, heading down the short hallway past the bathroom to the linen closet.


"Okay. Thanks." Blair paused, then added in a humorous tone, "Nest?"

Jim re-entered the room a few moments later, opening the new tissue box as he did so. "Yeah. Nest. Or maybe a couch-bound papoose." Grinning, he plunked the box in Blair's lap. "Here you go, Sniffy."

~Someone to help us through the never-ending attempt to understand ourselves.~

Blair tried to glare at him, but snatched a new tissue instead. He hesitated to use the tissue as he realized Jim was settling into the opposite end of the couch, TV remote in hand. "Uh...Jim?"

"Hmm?" Jim glanced in his direction before switching on the set. "Wonder if any good old movies are on..."

"Shouldn't you be..." Blair waved the tissue toward the stairs. " know, going back to bed?"

Jim paused at an infomercial for a knife set guaranteed to make you an instant gourmet cook and gave Blair his attention. "Would you?"

Blair blinked several times and said, "Huh? Would I what? Be nice, man; my head is clogged with--"

Raising a hand, Jim interrupted, "I don't think I wanna know what's up there. Would you go to bed if I was up?"

"No! Of course...not." Blair blinked again and a tiny smile lifted the corners of his mouth. "Oh." He paused, then shifted downward to get more comfortable. "So...what's on?"

~And in the end, someone to comfort us along the way.~

- The End -


Author's note: Quote is by Marlin Finch Lupus (character from "Whine, Whine, Whine" episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.)