Sentinel Fan Fiction Page || Fanfic -- Drabbles

A little drabble to make Robyn laugh.

by Becky
September 2000


"See ~yawn~ anything?"


~sigh~ "Oh." ~yawn~

"Chief, you're exhausted. Why'd you come with me tonight? I could've handled this on my own, you know."

"No, no, no, I'm good. Just a little ~yawn~ sleepy."

"A little?!" ~snort~ "Yeah, right. You look..." ~yawn~ "Damnit, Sandburg, now you've got me doing it!"

~chuckle~ "Sorry, Jim." ~yawn~

~grunt~ "And that sounded so sincere."


"I'm gonna open a window..."

~shudder~ "But it's freezing outside!" ~yawn~

"Then stop with the yawning already. You're driving me ~yawn~ nuts." ~growl~

~yaaawwwnnn~ "Sorry."

~teeth grinding~ "Sandburg..."

"I said I was so~YAAAWWWNNN~rry..."

"Sandburg...!!! Stop ~yawn~ it!"

- end -