Giddy Gwen by bana05 -- Gwen likes reprieves. Post-3x06. Found at author's livejournal.

Tron/Tron: Legacy
(last updated 5/22/11)

Since I'd seen the original Tron several times, I had been looking forward to the highly touted sequel ever since it was announced a couple years.  I missed it in theaters (mostly since my way-too-nearsighted eyes can't handle 3D that long), but I recently was able to see it on blu-ray and for the most part, I was very happy with it.  Of course, because I'm a Bruce-fan, I would 've liked more Bruce-as-Tron and more resolution for what happened to Rinzler after the battle, but perhaps a sequel will delve into that more. In the meantime, there is fic.  At least a little fic.  Most fic focuses on other characters, but there are some Tron-character-focused onces I've already found and have enjoyed. Spoilers for Tron: Legacy in all fic.

Black Box by eponymouse-rose -- Everything's changing. Tron, in the spaces between. Found at author's livejournal.

Forgiveness by Sakon76 -- Post-Legacy. Tron and Flynn still have things to say to one another. Found at the Tron section.

Recompiling by DawningStar -- Tron can't do this again. Not even for Flynn. Post-Legacy. Found at the Tron section.

Quarantine by DawningStar -- It's been many hundred cycles since she heard the name Yori. Post-Legacy, sequel to Recompiling. Found at the Tron section.

The Sea Like the Stars by dw-lj -- WIP. In one story, a program named Rinzler remembered he was once named Tron for the microseconds necessary to ram his lightjet into Clu's. In one story, he fell, and Clu went on to harry the users and the Iso upon the I/O port's very threshold. In one story, he drifted into the deeps of the Sea of Simulation, limp and flickering, as Kevin Flynn drew Clu into himself and Sam and Quorra escaped into the user's world. This is not that story. AU of Legacy ending. Found at author's livejournal.

Survivor's Tale by Ridyr -- What happened to Yori between Tron & Tron Legacy: Yori tells her story to a group of programs in an unstable post-Legacy grid. Found at the Tron section.

Umbrella by Spacebabie -- After wandering around the city after climbing out of the sea, Tron wallows in his thoughts, until someone from his past appears. Post-Legacy. Found at the Tron section.

What They Needed by Allronix -- Many cycles ago, he had reached out, broke her programming, and pulled her back. Now, after so long, can she do the same for him? Found at the Tron section.