The Day Rory was Sent to Get the Groceries by humansrsuperior -- He waited for almost 2,000 years, his every step in the shadow of the box that held within it the whole of his heart. She broke the laws of the universe, running her fingertips across the timelines in her endless search for the footprints of a very specific man. Set in Series 5 with Eleven and Amy/Rory. Found at author's livejournal.

A Good Egg, Slightly Cracked by TurtleGoose -- Rory starts to understand the Doctor when he finds him looking through an old photo album. Suddenly, he’s not so envious of the Doctor anymore. Set during series 5. Rory is my most favorite male companion (of the whole series!) of the Doctor's and this fic shows why. Found at Teaspoon and Open Mind.

Goodbye by Lyricwrites -- No one should die without knowing how much they're valued. And time can be rewritten. Spoilers for The Wedding of River Song (series 6 finale). Oh...this is just...I love it.  So very, very much in character for the two of them. This would have been such a great thing to have seen filmed. Found at author's livejournal.

A Kind of Grace by ProfessorSpork -- On the outside looking in as a loudmouthed ginger in a white gown dances with her new groom, his thoughts stray towards Rose Tyler -- and he lets them. Set during the last scenes of The Big Bang (series five finale). Found at Teaspoon and Open Mind.

The Old Have Bad Dreams by fourteen_pavanes -- Rory makes a late-night discovery. Takes place in season 6, some unspecified time between Night Terrors and The Girl Who WaitedAh...Rory.  I love Rory-POV fic; I'm so going to miss he (and Amy) when they leave.  Found at author's dreamwidth journal.

The One Where Eleven Tells Amy About His Last Three Companions by othellia -- Post-The Big Bang (series 5 finale).  Eleven tells Amy about his last three companions.

Rory by rupzydaisy -- Rory, over two millennia, had gone through a lot of names. He had been dubbed; The Nose, The Last Centurion, Rory Pond and Rory Williams. But he would always be Rory. I do so love Rory; spoilers for mid-season six finale. Found at Doctor Who section.

Secrets by eriphi -- Amy finds out that she is not the only one who has been keeping secrets. Eleven & Amy/Rory are my new favorite OT3 (right up there with Arthur/Gwen & Merlin).  I love this little slice of life fic with the Rory the Roman focus. Found at author's livejournal.

She's Not There by haveloved -- ... and his heart was beating harder than ever before except he wasn’t sure it was still there because Amy was gone and it felt like his heart had been ripped out of his f*ing chest. Set at the end of The Almost People. Oh...just ow..ow..ow...but in a good hurting way. Found at author's livejournal.
A Merry Little Christmas by alipeeps -- Shep Whump fic written for Sholio as part of the Sheppard HC LJ Secret Santa Challenge. Found at the Stargate: Atlantis section.

Need You Around by reen21200
-- Rodney brings John to Earth to recover. Won't Jeannie be surprised! Found at the Stargate: Atlantis section.

The Return, Part 2: Favorite Son by titan5
-- An AU version of what happens after the Return, featuring a strong connection between John and Atlantis. Found at the Stargate: Atlantis section.