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Becky's Linking Policy
(updated March 26, 2000)

I try to have all the pages I know of, whatever they are, listed for The Sentinel. However, I do have one or two piddling little exceptions, as you may or may not have noticed.

1) I will not link to complete slash pages. Sorry. There are other pages out there with complete link lists that include links to slash fic sites.

2) I do have links to pages that have gen and slash, but those pages have the fic neatly divided for the readers, most either with a separate page link or by a physical line and separate heading. I won't link to a page that has fic just scattered everywhere without labels as to what kind of fic it is. I don't think readers like being caught unawares of what they're reading -- I certainly don't. And there are minors around and I wouldn't want them accidentally coming across stuff they shouldn't be reading.

3) In addition, I will not link to sites that contain solely adult fic or solely "discipline" fic.

4) If you would like your page listed, drop me a note with the URL of your page and I'll pop over and take a looksee. If you've got slash fic, I very much prefer that the fic be listed on a separate page with a link to that page from your main page. If your page was listed and is now gone, then I had been going through and checking out my links (as I do on a fairly regular basis) and was uncomfortable with the way the fiction was listed on the page. (Or it could be that the link was bad.) It's not that I have anything against slash, it's just that I prefer my links page to be "gen-safe" if you will.

5) Um .... Actually I think that's it.

Just so you know and all.....

Disclaimer: This is an unofficial site for The Sentinel. Canon characters and all things Sentinel belong to Pet Fly Productions and Paramount. No copyright infringement is intended. This site is purely for the enjoyment of the fans.

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