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Summary: A short missing scene for the fourth season episode, The Light. Set right at the end of the "balcony scene." Warm fuzzies prevail.

Written for Iris Wilde.

Notes: I've only in the last year or so started to watch Stargate regularly and so haven't seen a number of the earlier episodes, though I've seen nearly all of the third and fourth seasons, as well as over half of second season and a handful of first season ones. I *think* I know the characters fairly well, but forgive me if I misstep.

Disclaimer: All Stargate characters and such belong to Stargate SG-1 Productions (II) Inc., MGM Worldwide Television Productions Inc., Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp and Showtime Networks Inc.
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Loss of Light
by Becky
January 2001

"Uh...Jack?" Daniel's voice cracked a little.

Caught up in the mental images Jack's mind was painting for him as he looked over the edge of the high balcony, it took a moment for Daniel's shaky voice to register. He had tried not to look down, tried not to picture what could have happened if he'd been any later, however... Jack gave himself a mental shake. "Yeah, Danny?"

Daniel swallowed audibly. "You think maybe we could move? And maybe you could tell me" He stopped and swayed, his eyes closing in reaction.

"Whoa, easy, easy." His hands tightening their hold, Jack shifted closer to Daniel who still stood on the outside of the balcony railing. "I got you."

"Don't let go."

Jack smiled tightly. "Not planning to." He frowned as he pondered for a few crucial seconds just how to get Daniel onto his side of the railing safely. Finally deciding that turning him around was the only real option that would work, he said, "You're gonna have to turn to face me, Daniel."

No answer. Daniel's eyes were open and eerily fixed on the ground below, not so much in fear but in concentration. A slight worry line had etched its way onto his forehead. Jack didn't like what he saw and he gave Daniel's arm a firm squeeze and a gentle shake.

"Daniel! Stay with me."

"What?" Daniel blinked. "Jack?"

"Yes, it's me," Jack said patiently. "Time to get you inside, okay?"

Daniel nodded obediently. "Yeah, okay."

Slowly, one step at a time, Jack managed to get Daniel turned enough to climb over the railing. Daniel faded once but Jack kept up a quiet banter, trying to keep his friend in the present instead of...wherever else he was. After what seemed like hours, Daniel finally had both feet on the inside area of the balcony. And Jack finally let himself breathe again.

Daniel's eyes strayed back to the railing, but Jack kept one hand on his arm, determined not to take any chances. Stepping around the other man, Jack stood in Daniel's line of sight. Gently grasping Daniel's chin, he forced him to meet his eyes. "Danny, what were you trying to do out here?"

"I don't--" Daniel's eyes focused on him, then drifted away as he spoke. "It's gone, you know. There's nothing left. All gone." He tried to move forward, but Jack refused to budge.

"Daniel!" He grasped both of Daniel's shoulders and shook him. "Listen to me!"

Eyes closing, then re-opening slowly, Daniel again swayed, then slumped forward as his muscles gave out and he collapsed. "Jack?" His plaintive and confused voice worried Jack even as he hurriedly caught Daniel and lowered him to the balcony floor, cushioning his head with one hand.

"Danny?" Slow eye blinks met his gaze as Jack touched Daniel's face with one hand and dug through his jacket for his cellphone with the other. "Stay with me, Daniel. You hear me?" He flipped open the phone and quickly punched in a number. A few rings and terse words later, he slapped it shut again.

"Ja-ack?" Daniel's voice was quiet and broken.

Jack leaned over Daniel and placed his hand on the younger man's forehead. "Right here, Danny. Haven't gone anywhere." He set the phone aside and grasped one of Daniel's hands, letting his fingers curl around the palm, squeezing. "See?"

Daniel's eyes, unfocused and bleary, stared up at him for a long moment, then he let them drift closed. He licked his lips and whispered, "Don't let go." He gave a brief squeeze in return before relaxing totally and falling unconscious.

Frozen in the act of stroking one thumb along Daniel's forehead, Jack's breath caught in his throat until he realized Daniel's chest still moved and a pulse beat at his temple. Breathing out in a rush, Jack swallowed and said in a low voice. "Same goes for you, Danny. Same goes for you."