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Babylon 5 Fan Club Chat Transcript
Wednesday, December 10, 1997

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Moderator: Welcome to the first ever moderated chat on thestation.com. We are here to welcome Marjorie Monaghan "Number One" to our inagural chat.

Question #49 from Purple: Hello Marjorie What was it like working with Jerry Doyle and Richard Biggs?

Marjorie: It was great fun. They're both so great to work off of, the scenes become even more interesting and exciting.

Question #50 from Vampri: Did Number One ever have a name...or did you ever come up with one for her as a background?

Marjorie: Joe has not yet given her a name that I know of...We'll see what Season 5 brings. I had come up with a name, but her identity is so much more tied , at this point in her life, to the name Number One, that that is really the way I think of her. I did come up with somr backstory, but am also looking forward to developing it further. Backstory work is always an evolution.

Question #55 from Anlashok_na: Are Number One and Franklin going to be having a relationship in season 5?

Marjorie: Frankly, I have no idea...We'll just have to see.

Question #57 from Master_yoda: How often do bloopers happen on the set?

~~~We have a slight technical problem. We lost power to Marjorie's computer As soon as we get it fixed we will continue. We've got power and as soon as we re-boot her computer we will be ready to answer your questions. We're logging on and getting connected.~~~

Question #65 from Tasslehoff: How many takes did you have to do to get the "Oooh, Stephen" just right?

Marjorie: We actually shot that "love scene", but had to cut it ..... I'm kidding. We did the piece twice...twice that I remember.

Question #68 from B5fanatic: Do you think Number One will feel pity for Garibaldi now?

Marjorie: No! I would have been completely comfortable shooting him because he was jeopardizing my people... The fact that he was telling the truth saved his life, but I have no regrets over the action I nearly took. If someone plays deadly games they must accept the risks.

Question #69 from Master_yoda: Have you done any other Sci-fi shows?

Marjorie: I have been fortunate to do quite a bit , actually. I did a six episode series a few years ago called Space Rangers, which now runs off and on on the SCI-FI Channel. I also did a feature titled Nemesis, which was called the first full length cyberpunk feature. In addition I've done numerous fringe Sci-Fi shows, such as Deadly Games, Quantum Leap, The Pretender, The Sentinel....as well as a Voyager episode called Heroes and Demons.

Question #77 from Master_yoda: What do you think your character will do now, since the war has ended, and a resistance is no longer needed?

Marjorie: I feel that she will be deeply involved in establishing a new Mars. Because of her precarious position as a sort of outlaw, it will be interesting to see how she can work that all out. I can't wait to see what Joe has coming up! I know better than to second guess him when it comes to story development. We know from history that civil war usually follows revolution, so of course Number One understands that too. There are so many fascinating potentials, both for Mars, and for her as a woman.

Question #79 from Purple: If you were asked to reprise your role (introduced to us in Heroes and Demons on Voyager) Would you return and do it??

Marjorie: Absolutely.

Question #71 from Tasslehoff: I know that Number One had no love for 'Paths, but do you think that, now that they have aided in the freeing of Mars, that she may see some small uses for them. And if so, how?

Marjorie: That's an essay question... Number One's principal objection to 'paths would be the obvious danger they present to a secret organization. As her situation changes, that may as well,...hard to say.

Question #78 from B5fanatic: Is Number One going to show a soft side?

Marjorie: I would imagine so, and I certainly hope so. Her whole existance was coming to a crisis point in Season Four, again as that dynamic shifts, more of her personality will come into play.

Question #83 from Purple: Would Number One continue her relationship with Stephen?

Marjorie: That will be a surprise!

Moderator: We have about ten minutes left in this chat.

Question #82 from Scotsman: Given Lyta's less than gentle, but oh so effective means of proving Garibaldi's innocence, I would think Number One's feelings toward 'paths would be a little more hostile, what are your impressions?

Marjorie: Another essay....hmm. As the leader she is she would respect, to some degree,Lyta's using all means at her disposal. The devastation of that kind of probe, however, inflicted upon a necessarily guarded person, would take quite a bit of processing. I really look forward to talking with Joe about the ramifications (some of which will have to do with Number One's history with telepaths...which is,as I said earlier, an evolving backstory).

Question #86 from Bruckner: Did you enjoy the convention last weekend in Cincinnati?

Marjorie: Very much. The people were just great,very interested. And we all got some snow!

Moderator: We only have time for one or two more questions. so now's the time to get those questions answered.

Question #84 from Sandyvanh: How did you like working on Space Rangers? I rather liked the show.

Marjorie: I had a fantastic time. Jojo was such a kick-ass character, and we all got along so well. Thank you for asking...that show had a lot of unrealized potential.

Question #88 from Psilady: I just arrived, so don't know if this has been asked.. weren't you in a recent episode of another show recently? I recognized your voice, but it only hit me where I'd heard it after the credits ran..

Marjorie: I have actually had several shows run recently...My most recent work was an episode of JAG, which enabled me to work again with Quantum Leap's Don Bellisario. I also had recent episodes of The Sentinel and The Pretender rerun.

Moderator: Last question.

Question #91 from Purple: Is this the first time you've ever chatted on a computer chat? Thank you for coming to chat with us and we hope you come again

Marjorie: This is my first chat here. and I would like to thank all of you for your interest and your questions. It's always a treat ot talk about work that means as much as this does. Thanks for the invitation...I'd love to return.

Moderator: Thank you for coming the first moderated chat on thestation.com with our special guest Marjorie Monaghan. If you wish to send an email to her, send it to B5GuestCast@thestation.com and put her name in the subject area. Remember to exit the Auditorium press the little yellow icon in the middle of the screen and select Comlink. If you don't do this you will automatically enter the Auditorium next time you login. Thank you again. We will let you know when we have another special guest.


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