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Convention Report -- Gallifrey 2001

My two con pics -- Marjorie by herself ~ Marjorie and me

Yes, I finally got to meet Marjorie. ~grin~ What follows is my little report. I'm doing this from memory and paraphrasing where I can't remember exact words.

Since we couldn't attend on Saturday (the day that Marjorie was on the Babylon 5 panel), I was glad to hear that Marjorie was returning on Sunday for autographs and to talk to the fans. So on Sunday, Februray 25, Robyn and I braved the "monsoon" rain and LA freeways and went to Gallifrey 2001 (basically a Dr. Who convention, but other scifi folks were there as well). Since I knew Marjorie wasn't going to be there until afternoon, we didn't leave until after lunch, but we got there in time to see her, although we *nearly* missed her.

We walked in the side door of the Airtel Plaza Hotel and not two minutes later, Marjorie came in the opposite side door. Since we needed to register, we hiked through the hotel to the front door, got registered, and then hiked back. When we got back to the North Tower, Marjorie wasn't there. Her table was, with pics and such, but she wasn't. Figuring she'd be there for a little bit and wanting to look around in the dealer's room (mainly for pics and such of shows I like), we went inside. The room was small, so it only took maybe 10-15 minutes to look around. We get back to the door we came in, where Marjorie's table was -- and all the pics were gone! The table was empty! Ack!

I hurriedly stepped out and was greatly relieved to see her still there, talking with someone prior to leaving. Robyn and I waited until she was done and then we introduced ourselves and chatted for a little while. We talked briefly about the website, since she's seen it and loves it. *Yea!* She was *so* nice. Very easy to talk to. She looks pretty much the same as she did on TS or Babylon 5. Her hair was a little curlier, but still long.

A few of her previous projects came up in discussion. She talked about Nemesis and how the producers (I assume?) wanted her to dye her hair black for the role. She didn't want to do since she has natural blonde hair and you can't just re-dye it blonde again; you have to wait for it to grow out. So she said "how about a wig?" So they found a wig to work for the role -- which, if you've seen the movie or the screen grabs, is a short bob. She mentioned how she'd come out of her trailer and people would give her a second look to make sure they recognized her.

I mentioned her guest role on JAG as the one time she's played a villain. She chuckled at that and said how her sister wanted warning next time she was "killed" during one of her roles. She also said that David James Elliot (Harmon Rabb on JAG) is "very quiet."

She briefly mentioned her Rescue 77 castmates, saying she "loved those guys." Someone had told her that the three candid shots of her and the two guys were on eBay and she had planned to try to get them. Only I got there first. Oops.

Robyn asked her if we'd be seeing her on-screen anytime soon, but she wasn't sure about that. She mentioned getting a call-back for a movie and she talked about a writing project, but no details for either. Also since it's pilot season, she's out auditioning for roles, so maybe something will come up. She signed a picture for me, and Robyn obligingly took a few pics of myself and Marjorie. I'll share those here just as soon as I get them developed.

After that, she had to leave to get to an appointment, but it was well worth the drive in the nasty rain and the price of registration.

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