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Gallery -- Nemesis

Jared -- cyborg/computer program/narrator (click on thumbnails for larger images)

Summary: LA in the year 2027. Alex Rain is an LAPD officer who has been 85% replaced by cyborg parts. After being severely damaged in a shootout with the Red Army Hammerhead terrorist organization, he quits the force and becomes a smuggler in Rio. But there he is abducted by LAPD commissioner Farnsworth who implants a bomb in his chest to force Rain forced to undertake a mission to Indonesia to stop the Hammerheads who have stolen the security plans for a coming Japanese-American summit meeting. But as Rain becomes involved in the chase, he learns that he has not been told the truth and that the Hammerheads are in fact trying to stop a scheme to substitute people in key human positions with cyborgs that are indistinguishable from people.

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