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Old Guestbook for The Official Marjorie Monaghan Website
{as of 5/19/06}

{Note: There is a 250 characters limit on the Y/GC comments box which is why some entries are cut short;
Y/GC guestbook removed on above date due to spamming.}

Date:  Jan 8 2005
Name:  Rick Phillips
Email:  phillips@goodnews.net
URL: http://onmymind1.blogspot.com/
Comments: I loved your site. I breifly met Miss. Monaghan at some conventions. I live in Northern Ky. not far from Cincinnati, Oh where she grew up. You may want to check out my site as i posted an article about those meetings.

Date: Sept. 8,05
Name:  Harry Comer
Email:  biblej1513@yahoo.com
Comments: Dear Becky, I have a screenplay with a lead actress role Mrs. Monaghan may consider. Also, I prefer an actress with production experience as well. If she is interested in coproducing, she may want to consider this feature script. It is set in rural New Yo

Date: May 5,2005
Name:  Tom Burdett
Email:  Bsgscollect@juno.com
Comments: I know Majorie Very well,She is a Colerain High school Grad,Class of 1982.I am Tom Burdett,I went to Colerain high school and gradulate in 1991. Colrain High School is in Colerain Township and it is 12 minutes from Cincinnati,Ohio.

Date: 31 Mar 2005
Name:  Dan Stockelman
Email:  danstockelman@gmail.com
Comments: I would live to invite Marjorie to a Tall Texan meeting if she ever returns to the Dallas area.

Date: 04.01.2005
Name: Wojciech Oskedra
Email:  Gordan-Freeman@gmx.de
Comments: Marjorie I am a fan of you. Sorry for my English but I come from German and I was born in Polen. I saw you in many TV. My favourit is Babylon 5. Where you play nummber one. You are a beautiful women and a Great Actor. Good luck for the Future. And has a g ....  I forgoten, your Homepage is wonderful. !!!!(Mach weiter)!!!! ....  One question? Where can I become a Poster of you?

Date: 11-23-2004
Name:  Jeff Murphy
Email:  ff35722@hotmail.com
Comments: Nice site! Just checking out your webpage. I had an interest since I am the current owner of the REAL BACKDRAFT Engine 17 Ward Lafrace, as used in the motion picture.

Date: 20/11/2004
Name:  Nigel Lmaberth
Email:  njl68@ntlworld.com
Comments: Great site, great lady, Babylon 5 would not have been so good with out her.

Date: 4 Nov. 2004
Name:  Daniel
Email:  dpilli@gmail.com
Comments: I am afraid that I have only become recently aware of Marjorie, just a few days ago I caught her in an Episode of Becker as Amanda. I thought she had the same low sounding voice as Geena Davis, thought she looked similar too. Then tonight I was watching t

Date: 9/12/04
Name:  Brett Jones
Email: irontriangle@yahoo.com
Comments: Marjorie Monaghan is one of the most talented women Ive ever seen on screen. And certainly one of the most beautiful. Would love meeting her someday and getting her autograph.

Date: 16 June 2004
Name:  Acrophile
Email: AcrophileAlways@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi. Could someone get a message to Marjorie? I met her once, and need to ask her about a potential lost-and-found item. I responded in the Zocalo forum where she posted as a Guest but I guess she didnt look again. Please at least pass on my email address

Date: June 16, 2004
Name: David
Email: thecousincompany@yahoo.ca
URL: www.thecousincompany.ca
Comments: Very good site. Marjorie is a talented, yet under rated actor.

Name: Keith Wick
Email: kwick2k@hotmail.com
Comments: Just saw Marjorie last night on Andromeda, knew Id seen her before, just didnt rmemeber where. Turns out she was on B5. Shes a joy to watch, and her voice... wow! Best wishes for continued success, Marjorie. Keith

Name: Hal Browder
Email: halbrowder@aristotle.net
Comments: We at Allies for Star Trek saw a wondrous Space Rangers episode with Marjorie and Clint Howard (Ron's brother) Marjorie did a fine job. She should have landed a Xena: Warrior Princess acting gig with all her theatrical combat training Which country is s

Name: Chris St.Charles
Email: RadioMan3_8@yahoo.com
Comments: Hi all, Its early monday March 1,2004 I was just noodling on my pc when I found this page. Who am I you ask,Well I am the actor who played the main evil head-plemB Osiris Chronicals-aka WARLORD. Hope you all are doing well,If anyone has any questions

Name: Malcolm Xerxes™
Email: owen_tell@yahoo.ca
URL: http://www.malcolmxerxes.com
Date: Tuesday, 2/17/2004
Comments: Ms. Monaghan: I first became aware of your work when you portrayed JoJo Thorson in the criminally short-lived Space Rangers™ (shown out of proper sequence, which sabotaged it!) When you returned in Babylon 5™ as Number One, I was very pleased indeed, not just because I enjoyed/still enjoy your work, but because your character was a bold woman who believed in leading from the front, rather than from behind a desk, all without losing her femininity. This was partly due to the writing of Mr. Joseph Michael Straczynski, but largely due to your own splendid presence & talents. I hope that we shall be working alongside each other @ SF conventions in the near future, if not in front of the cameras. “…Be seeing you!” Malcolm Xerxes, Stuntman/Actor Finnegan's Squad™

Name: Colin
Email: colin_lorien@ntlworld.com
URL: http://sigma957.suddenlaunch.com
Comments: Did you read Scotts book? Colin. .

Name: Emma Cunningham
Email: mattandemma@msn.com
Comments: Marjorie, I used to work for Marjorie a few years ago and I was wondering if you could pass along my email address. Im looking for work and the job agancy would like a reference. Thank you!

Name: Colin
Email: glasgowalliance@yahoo.co.uk
URL: http://www.citadel.cjb.net
Comments: Hi There.It would be great if you could make it over to Scotland again.Colin. .

Name: Keith
Email: wkeith@bigsky.net
URL: http://StarTrekLinks.net
Comments: Thank you for your site. I would also like to invite you to mine at http://www.StarTrekLinks.net The all official Star Trek Actor link site. There are also several pages of original Star Trek Convention Pictures. Keep up the good work!

Name: Peter Phillips
Email: petr@negia.net
Comments: I am delighted to find that an actress I have admired is also someone I had worked with in the outdoor drama Tecumseh! I remember Marjorie as being very serious about her acting and always behaving as a lady even though we were thrown in with some rather

Name: Aria
Email: aria@virginstudent.com
Comments: Hi, ive never heard of this actress before but i know that she is 6ft. I am a keen actress and also 6ft, do you know anything about her past and her experiences with her height?

Name: Marjorie T. A.
Email: margie14@eudoramail.com
Comments: Reading through her biography, I was quite surprise that she got almost some of my features and interest. For me, I like reading literatures and and about mythologies. I think I did watch her acting when I was still a kid, she looks familiar somewhere whe

Name: hanwei
Email: hanwei@dongwu-is.com
Comments: Hi My name is hanwei. I am Chinese. Now I am living in Japan. I watched space rangers recently and I begin to love Marjorie Monaghan. I want to know more infomation about her and I also want to get some clear photos of her to be my wallpaper.

Name: Timo Savolainen
Email: timo.savolainen@pp1.inet.fi
Comments: Greetings from Finland! It´s been long way here from Babylon 5, just want to say that I admire your work in the Babylon 5 serie, wich I still love. It is the best scifi thing ewer. Best wishes. Timo Savolainen

Name: Joe Outlaw
Email: joeoutlaw@outlawproductions.com
URL: http://www.outlawproductions.com
Comments: Hi Becky! It's been over a year since we last communicated. Hope you and Robyn are doing well. The site is wonderful as ever. Best Wishes, Joe

Name: Amy and Lou
Email: firedocumentary@aol.com
URL: http://www.boundbycourage.com
Comments: Hi gang - the site looks great, and so does Marjorie. Please relay our best wishes and yo, Double-Tuff, we're living in Philly now. Amy and Lou

Name: ÐarKnigh†™
Email: image2k@canada.com
URL: http://members.rogers.com/image2k/Welcome.html
Comments: Best of luck in all your endeavours.

Name: Alexis Snyder
Email: ahs10@albion.edu
Comments: I just met Marjorie at the Motor City Comic Con and I must say that she was just great to meet and talk to and was just a great person! She has made a fan out of me and I will be following her work from now on!

Name: Nathan Myers
Email: nathan@accnorwalk.com
Comments: I loved watching you on B5 and seeing you at the convention in Cleveland.

Name: robert aka nightscape
Comments: i just heard on the net that ms. monaghan is going to be in the great war of magellon. i hope this is true because she is such a great actress and i would love to see her in a new sci fi show like the GWOM. she was/is great in babylon 5 i know she will be

Name: Ben Harling
Email: MihoKiyo7@aol.com
Comments: I just want to say this is a grea site. I don't know where I'd be without it. Thank You! PS. Marjorie had got to be the most beautiful goddess in show business.

Name: Jean
Email: Jelliebean17@hotmail.com
Comments: Just found this site, and I wanted to thank you for the contributions you made to the B5 story. I've a great amount of respect for your work, and Babylon was definitely made better by your presence. Thank you, and good luck. =)

Name: Mark Monaghan
Email: monzamark@webtv.net
Comments: Great site Becky.Happened across it while doing some genealogy research. Who knows maybe I am related.

Name: M
Email: Bevisbelle@aol.com
Comments: Just rummaging through my old high school year books and memories of drama with Marjorie. I am really glad she is doing so well. Mark did a good job with background but some pics of her then would be hysterical to put here, too---like her as Snoopy!

Name: Frank Mueller
Email: turbofd@t-online.de
Comments: Hello Marjorie, since I've seen you live in Dortmund ( Germany ) I've become a fan of you. You not only played wonderful roles, you also a one of the nicest persons in showbizz if ever met! Thanks for everything and I wish you merry x-mas and a happy new

Name: Charles Murphy
Email: Whitestar@longview.net
Comments: When is Marjorie's birthday? Haven't been able to fine it anywhere.

Name: erika
Email: erikadenver@aol.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/graysongsplace
Comments: wonderful site, becky! and how cool that you've become the 'official' mistress for marjorie! i met her at the st. louis gateway convention 2001, and though i'd never seen or heard of her before, her genuineness and friendly attitude have made me a fan! i

Name: Marcel Gonzalez
Email: dragonbreed@aol.com
URL: http://www.dreamstasys.com
Comments: I just saw Nemesis for the umpteenth time and just wanted to find out who Marjorie was. I didn't know she had a fan following, and didn't know she was so beautiful. This is an awesome web site. I loved the pics.

Name: BlackRain
Email: blackrain98@lycos.com
URL: http://www.tvdome.net/rescue77
Comments: Very nice site! Good Rescue 77 section.

Name: Asbjörn
Email: sheridan@babcon.org
URL: http://www.babcon.org/
Comments: Excellent site! You have done a great job finding all these pictures and facts about this beatuiful and underestimated actress! Thanks!

Name: Christopher Stewart
Email: Talorian@hotmail.com
Comments: Just thought I'd say Hi from "Will"Scarlet very well done site

Name: Ghek
Email: ghek@bantoom.com
URL: http://www.bantoom.com
Comments: Just watching Space Rangers the series on VHS, loved MM as Jojo (and everything else I've seen her do). Glad to see a nice site for her. -Ghek

Name: Immac
Email: immaculata_99@msn.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/bremmerfan
Comments: I just met Marjorie at the Gateway convention in St Louis, and she was the nicest person there! She has a wonderful sense of humor, and she can work a crowd! She even mentioned this site when asked if she had one! (By me :-)

Name: Sandor Benko
Email: bsbenny@excite.com
Comments : Hi! This site is great and so is Marjorie! This tribute is well-deserved and it could be an official site! Great work! Bye!

Name: Amy and Lou
Email: firetv@aol.com
URL: http://www.tvfirefighters.com
Comments: Hi Becky, What a wonderful tribute to our friend Marjorie. Not only is she a talented actress, but a huge supporter of America's firefighters and paramedics. In her role as Rescue-77's "Ryan", she portrayed women in the fire service as if she'd been

Name: Arie Dortwegt
Email: arie_dortwegt@yahoo.com
Comments: Thankyou for creating a site for this wonderful, but elusive actress. I wanted her so much to be Captain of Voyager, or the star of Witchblade. What's the problem? She would have me glued to the show just because she's in it!

Name: Barbara
Email: babs_81481@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/tv/NumberOneDomain
Comments : Becky, You know I love your site!

Name: Mark Monaghan
Email: NemoJudex@AOL.com
Comments: Good website..! Just think; if Marjorie married me, she wouldn't even need to change her stage name! Well, I can dream can't I?

Name: John Novak
Email: ivanzane@hotmail.com
Comments: Nice site! Once I saw her picture I recognized her from B5. I didn't realize how many roles I've seen her in. I came here because I had heard she is possibly up for a lead part in the upcoming Star Trek series. If she gets the part, then she will be playi

Name: Marcus
Email: marcus.erbar@gmx.de
URL: http://www.convention-central.de
Comments: Hey, first ! :-) Again, I'd like to congratulate you on the great work you did on this website ! Be well, Marcus

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