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1/13/99 -- I found an old B5 fan club chat with Marjorie, plus some merchandise.

12/22/99 -- Another article (TV Quest) added.

11/13/99 -- Pictures added for the four Babylon 5 articles, plus the guest appearance listing for Becker (which I missed seeing since I didn't know about it, rats). Thanks to my roommate Robyn who scanned all the shots for me!

11/1/99 -- Another article (Starlog) added.

10/14/99 -- Another article (TV Zone) added.

10/4/99 -- Another article (B5 Magazine) added. Opening blurb (finally) added to front page as well as the Fansites.com link and logo.

9/25/99 -- One pic up from Space Rangers on the Gallery. I'm hoping I can find pics from the various TV shows that Marjorie has guest-starred in (see bio page).

9/24/99 -- One article (B5 Magazine) added.

9/23/99 -- Gallery updated. Pics up for all Babylon 5 episodes Marjorie was in, plus the Star Trek: Voyager episode and The Sentinel episode.

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